After the main story reaches it's conclusion you get to ride home, where your family is waiting you wife slaps and tell's you she though you were dead and you friend lets the farm fall apart, and you see you son again and he always thinks that your leaving again, during that time you and your son spend time quality together, hunting, herding cattle, you and "Uncle" also do some jobs that include wrangling horses and other things, you also do some jobs for your wife as well, there is also a rare occasion where you take your son hunting and he runs away (the mission after) to hunt a Grizzly that has been rumored to be in the forest, you however show up just on time to save your son who has a shoulder injury, after a series of missions leading up to "The Final Enemy that Must be Destroyed" which is basically the conclusion to the awesome story that is Red Dead Redemption, however since there are so many spoilers in this review I think I will leave this to the game. 

After the revolution in Mexico occurs, and you kill both Bill and Havier, a Federal Agent timely shows up and tells you that Dutch, the leader of your old gang is "causing trouble", it's your job to track him down and ether kill him or take him alive (sadly you don't get to make a decision regardless, because Dutch commits suicide). The open mission involves you going to what you think is Dutches current location, however it's a set up, you and the Agents who accompany you hear sounds on the half-sunken ship, however the Agents (who are all "tuff") send you to investigate the top of the ship, however you find your informant tied up, and the people who were hiding inside the ship revel yourself and your stuck on the ship with enemies, as well as on the deck, luckily the agents give you a new gun, the "High Power Pistol", this pistol is probably one of the strongest handguns in the game, however I prefer the LeMat Revolver (Got it in Mexico), due to the fact that it takes 9 bullets while the Pistol only takes 8, in this game however I had the War Horse, The Deadly Assassin Outfit (which makes your Dead-Eye meter recharge faster) and the Golden Guns (I got the Limited Edition)  the only thing that I disliked was that you couldn't change which guns were golden, only your starter guns are Gold, after this mission more side missions are unlocked, the new person that is a scientist and comes from Yale, he came here to "Document the ventures of the Wild West", the mission where he leaves is rather amusing, the name of the mission makes the mission...... more unique. The final mission that you have to complete in Blackwater is the mission were you attempt to apprehend Dutch, after he commits suicide after a looooooooooooong chase through a mine and to edge of a cliff the Federal Agent comes and asks you for your gun and shoots Dutch's corpse and remarks "It will look better on the report", I also found a Pump-Action shotgun,with came in handy because my Semi-Automatic, took one less shell.
After this you finally get to ride home where the next chapter starts.

Welcome to Mexico!
Your welcome isn't all that inviting you and Irish are on a raft, with the current carrying to towards Mexico, along the way your a sitting duck, of course and Irish's friends decide that they want to pay you and Irish a small visit, how ever the hello is a bullet in ass, from here you fight down the river on to a piece of land with two horses set up there to accompany you, this is when Irish is re-absorbed back in to Mexico and you never see him again, in this part of the story the action is kicked up a whole lot and John encounters much more theft and strangers wanting his help because some Bandits stole their wagon/horse/money, while in Mexico you become apart of the Mexican revolution that has been on the horizon, you meet a woman named, and a man named who are the two Biggest pushers of the Revolution in Mexico they, however have a relationship, towards the end of this chapter you find Havier here as well as Bill Williamson, during the fight in the town though I encountered a lot of bugs (for instance the soldiers were frozen and when I shot them they made a sound like they died but were still there.
After this you are informed by an Agent that you must precede to Blackwater to reacquaint with Dutch, however you have no transport besides your Horse.