Welcome to Mexico!
Your welcome isn't all that inviting you and Irish are on a raft, with the current carrying to towards Mexico, along the way your a sitting duck, of course and Irish's friends decide that they want to pay you and Irish a small visit, how ever the hello is a bullet in ass, from here you fight down the river on to a piece of land with two horses set up there to accompany you, this is when Irish is re-absorbed back in to Mexico and you never see him again, in this part of the story the action is kicked up a whole lot and John encounters much more theft and strangers wanting his help because some Bandits stole their wagon/horse/money, while in Mexico you become apart of the Mexican revolution that has been on the horizon, you meet a woman named, and a man named who are the two Biggest pushers of the Revolution in Mexico they, however have a relationship, towards the end of this chapter you find Havier here as well as Bill Williamson, during the fight in the town though I encountered a lot of bugs (for instance the soldiers were frozen and when I shot them they made a sound like they died but were still there.
After this you are informed by an Agent that you must precede to Blackwater to reacquaint with Dutch, however you have no transport besides your Horse.

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