Hi guys, on the 21st of May 2010 Rockstar finally released one of my most anticipated games of 2010
Red Dead Redemption, in my opinion this game is an instant Classic, theres so much to explore, so many people to meet and if you're a person who likes to stay on the wrong side of the law so many people to kill, many places to see, so many places to travel and so many things to do in general, currently my complete percentage of the game is 85.5%.
The plot starts with the main character John Marsten, a partially reformed outlaw who is usually on the wrong side of the law, attempting to track down  his old gang members, to end their lives so him and his family can live in piece.
The first cut scene takes place on a ferry that John is on, two Federal Agents are escorting him onto a Train, which takes you to your guide, who escorts you to Fort Mercer a gang hideout, you are here because you are tracking Bill Williamson, an outlaw and former member of your gang who the government are obviously looking for, Bill definitely isn't the slightest bit happy that you've shown up again he shoots you with his rifle, you pass out and almost die luckily a kind woman by the name of Betty McFarlane who finds you and gets you to a doctor and the bullet in removed and you come out almost un scaven , of course your going to have to repay her somehow. This is were the orientation missions enter the picture, you get your first Repeater/Rifle and you basically learn the functions of the game, although the first parts of the campaign are rather boring it's just basic orientation to get you familiar with the controls.
After most of  Missions are completed the game really starts to pick up, you save horses in a burning barn, save Betty's life.
Eventually you start networking and meeting new people  like the crazy grave robber who really needs a bar of soap and some water, an old guy who swindles people with his elixir (which does nothing), Irish (who's actually Irish) and a drunk, Armadillo's Sheriff and his partners, eventually after fair amount of side missions leading up to the fight at Fort Mercer and you and your companions storm the gates of Fort Mercer, leaving only one lucky soul behind you discover that Bill has fled to Mexico. Irish wants to come with you, of course you never see him a again the whole time your in Mexico.

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