Well, it looks like the upcoming Mickey Mouse game entitled "Epic Mickey" (because we haven't heard the word epic thrown around quite enough yet, have we?) is going to also have a book format. According to Amazon, this is the description of the books:

When Mickey Mouse accidentally spills paint and paint thinner on a rendering of a model word called the Cartoon Wasteland, mayhem ensues! Unbeknownst to Mickey, the spill creates an evil monster called the Phantom Blot who will stop at nothing to take control of the Wasteland, and everything in it, including Mickey’s older half brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Unable to stop the Phantom Blot, Oswald goes into hiding and the Cartoon Wasteland is transformed into a hideous and twisted world.

Many years passed and Mickey went on with his life, until one day he gets sucked through a mirror -- and winds up in the Cartoon Wasteland! Armed with just a magical paintbrush that he took with him, Mickey must stop a Mad Doctor who works closely with the Phantom Blot, earn back his half-brother’s trust, and save the Cartoon Wasteland.

Doesn't sound like too bad of a book, I guess, but I'd much rather play the game. 

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