-What's this blog about?
It's more of a broad catagory of geeky things. Game reviews, inventions, tech, etc. Anything geeky people would enjoy.

 -Can I write for this blog?
Uh, sure, I guess, if you can prove you're intelligent and stuff.

 -How do?
Well, you're off to a bad start, but send an email to bpwnsl@gmail.com explaining why you want to write.

 -How many words?
It doesn't really matter, just as long as I can judge grammar/spelling

 -The stuff you covered in your article is old! Everyone knows about it! Why'd you post it?
Because I just started the internet. If you're so on the ball about the happenings of cyberspace, write for the blog.

 -You're posts are stupid.

 -Your posts are stupid.
That's not a question.

 -Why are your posts stupid?
I didn't say they were.

 -It's my opinion that your posts are stupid, what's your opinion on that?
They aren't.