After the main story reaches it's conclusion you get to ride home, where your family is waiting you wife slaps and tell's you she though you were dead and you friend lets the farm fall apart, and you see you son again and he always thinks that your leaving again, during that time you and your son spend time quality together, hunting, herding cattle, you and "Uncle" also do some jobs that include wrangling horses and other things, you also do some jobs for your wife as well, there is also a rare occasion where you take your son hunting and he runs away (the mission after) to hunt a Grizzly that has been rumored to be in the forest, you however show up just on time to save your son who has a shoulder injury, after a series of missions leading up to "The Final Enemy that Must be Destroyed" which is basically the conclusion to the awesome story that is Red Dead Redemption, however since there are so many spoilers in this review I think I will leave this to the game. 

After the revolution in Mexico occurs, and you kill both Bill and Havier, a Federal Agent timely shows up and tells you that Dutch, the leader of your old gang is "causing trouble", it's your job to track him down and ether kill him or take him alive (sadly you don't get to make a decision regardless, because Dutch commits suicide). The open mission involves you going to what you think is Dutches current location, however it's a set up, you and the Agents who accompany you hear sounds on the half-sunken ship, however the Agents (who are all "tuff") send you to investigate the top of the ship, however you find your informant tied up, and the people who were hiding inside the ship revel yourself and your stuck on the ship with enemies, as well as on the deck, luckily the agents give you a new gun, the "High Power Pistol", this pistol is probably one of the strongest handguns in the game, however I prefer the LeMat Revolver (Got it in Mexico), due to the fact that it takes 9 bullets while the Pistol only takes 8, in this game however I had the War Horse, The Deadly Assassin Outfit (which makes your Dead-Eye meter recharge faster) and the Golden Guns (I got the Limited Edition)  the only thing that I disliked was that you couldn't change which guns were golden, only your starter guns are Gold, after this mission more side missions are unlocked, the new person that is a scientist and comes from Yale, he came here to "Document the ventures of the Wild West", the mission where he leaves is rather amusing, the name of the mission makes the mission...... more unique. The final mission that you have to complete in Blackwater is the mission were you attempt to apprehend Dutch, after he commits suicide after a looooooooooooong chase through a mine and to edge of a cliff the Federal Agent comes and asks you for your gun and shoots Dutch's corpse and remarks "It will look better on the report", I also found a Pump-Action shotgun,with came in handy because my Semi-Automatic, took one less shell.
After this you finally get to ride home where the next chapter starts.

Welcome to Mexico!
Your welcome isn't all that inviting you and Irish are on a raft, with the current carrying to towards Mexico, along the way your a sitting duck, of course and Irish's friends decide that they want to pay you and Irish a small visit, how ever the hello is a bullet in ass, from here you fight down the river on to a piece of land with two horses set up there to accompany you, this is when Irish is re-absorbed back in to Mexico and you never see him again, in this part of the story the action is kicked up a whole lot and John encounters much more theft and strangers wanting his help because some Bandits stole their wagon/horse/money, while in Mexico you become apart of the Mexican revolution that has been on the horizon, you meet a woman named, and a man named who are the two Biggest pushers of the Revolution in Mexico they, however have a relationship, towards the end of this chapter you find Havier here as well as Bill Williamson, during the fight in the town though I encountered a lot of bugs (for instance the soldiers were frozen and when I shot them they made a sound like they died but were still there.
After this you are informed by an Agent that you must precede to Blackwater to reacquaint with Dutch, however you have no transport besides your Horse.

Hi guys, on the 21st of May 2010 Rockstar finally released one of my most anticipated games of 2010
Red Dead Redemption, in my opinion this game is an instant Classic, theres so much to explore, so many people to meet and if you're a person who likes to stay on the wrong side of the law so many people to kill, many places to see, so many places to travel and so many things to do in general, currently my complete percentage of the game is 85.5%.
The plot starts with the main character John Marsten, a partially reformed outlaw who is usually on the wrong side of the law, attempting to track down  his old gang members, to end their lives so him and his family can live in piece.
The first cut scene takes place on a ferry that John is on, two Federal Agents are escorting him onto a Train, which takes you to your guide, who escorts you to Fort Mercer a gang hideout, you are here because you are tracking Bill Williamson, an outlaw and former member of your gang who the government are obviously looking for, Bill definitely isn't the slightest bit happy that you've shown up again he shoots you with his rifle, you pass out and almost die luckily a kind woman by the name of Betty McFarlane who finds you and gets you to a doctor and the bullet in removed and you come out almost un scaven , of course your going to have to repay her somehow. This is were the orientation missions enter the picture, you get your first Repeater/Rifle and you basically learn the functions of the game, although the first parts of the campaign are rather boring it's just basic orientation to get you familiar with the controls.
After most of  Missions are completed the game really starts to pick up, you save horses in a burning barn, save Betty's life.
Eventually you start networking and meeting new people  like the crazy grave robber who really needs a bar of soap and some water, an old guy who swindles people with his elixir (which does nothing), Irish (who's actually Irish) and a drunk, Armadillo's Sheriff and his partners, eventually after fair amount of side missions leading up to the fight at Fort Mercer and you and your companions storm the gates of Fort Mercer, leaving only one lucky soul behind you discover that Bill has fled to Mexico. Irish wants to come with you, of course you never see him a again the whole time your in Mexico.

Hi guys, although most details are still a bit sketchy about the next installment in the Call of Duty series, Treyarch released a new trailer depicting what looks like some high action cut scenes and a small amount of gameplay, the game should be up for pre-order in maybe a day or two.
you can view the trailer at
or right here (below)

Although Infinity Ward is in complete turmoil they will be releasing a new map pack, the maps will be at the same asking price as the last DLC they will include 5 maps two of which are returning from the previous Infinity Ward installment, and three which are new by now it's obvious that Infinity Ward isn't too keen on fixing any glitches that still burden the game regardless the three new maps are called Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel the maps from Call of Duty 4 that are returning are Vacant and Strike.
Although a PS3/PC release date hasn't been announced it's expected that it will be out in July for PC/PS3 owners Xbox 360 owners however will be getting the Map Pack on the 3rd of June.

Trailer Park will exist within the single player campaign, it's the residence of the owners of the Boneyard area, Robert Bowling described the map as 'Close Quarters Combat".

Carnival is basically what it sounds like it takes place in a abandoned amusement park, with roller coasters, a fun house and a World of Tomorrow, Bowling also described that Snipers will have fun picking people off from the roller coaster.

And finally we come to Fuel, which Bowling describes as "Sniper Heaven" it features numerous oil pumps and outposts, with warehouses that will house most of the combat.

You can view the screenshots at the url's posted below

Trailer Park
No Idea What This One is

You can expect the review on the 5th (the 4th in some countries)

So I am still waiting on the domain, making a few business man like calls and stuff, but I felt this was important enough for an update. Portal, the video game that is a video game is available for free until May 24th. Download it right from the makers themselves here.

There comes a time where you've got to move onto bigger and better things. This isn't one of those times, but I will be using a new domain soon at I'll update when it's finished.

Let's face it, it gets pretty chilly when you're flying around in that giant airship, you're going to need a megaman helmet, but not a real one, as that would too much awesome than I think you're used to, you're going to want a knit one, so show this to your mom, get her to knit you one, that's what I plan to do as well, she can make two.

Ryzom, a game I've never heard about, recently released its source code for the world to download and edit, which means that you can play with it and easily make your own MMO if you know what you're doing (Which means you can't create anything.)

It's pretty interesting news, and definitely something I'm going to check out.

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Pretty nice video, considering it's fan-made. I look forward to seeing what more comes from these guys in the future, but so far I'd say it's better than dragonball evolution (Like that's hard to do.)

I've been playing all day, i'll probably do my review when the Beta ends, until then please enjoy these video's of my beta highlights so far.

and this

Also for those of you who haven't downloaded the excellent piece of gaming awesomeness here are some quick "side notes' (on stuff that could be improved

-Pistol needs 1-2 bullets in a single clip.
-DMR should be a 3 headshot kill (because the hit-boxes are really small)
-Jetpacks should have a tiny bit more "usage allowance"
-The credits system should reward players a bit more, for instance I got 17 kills and 10 deaths and won the team slayer match and I was only rewarded 158 credits.

There's a site that's allowing you bargain hunters cheap people to buy 5 indie games for the price of whatever you want. The games include World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru and Penumbra. It's not a bad bunch of games, but I don't think allowing people to choose a price is too smart of an idea, while some people will be generous and give 10 bucks or so, you'll get a lot of people who will toss a bit of copper for these games. The proceeds go to charity though, so that's good, I guess, if you need something to feel like you're morally right.

Purchasing Page

Apparently, Russia's regional president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov drank far too much one night was abducted by aliens. (At least that's what he told his wife when he wasn't home that night.) Now, Russia has to investigate his claims to make sure he didn't reveal any secrets to the aliens, just in case, you know, they try to sell it to the united states for all the money that they use or something.

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Well, it looks like the upcoming Mickey Mouse game entitled "Epic Mickey" (because we haven't heard the word epic thrown around quite enough yet, have we?) is going to also have a book format. According to Amazon, this is the description of the books:

When Mickey Mouse accidentally spills paint and paint thinner on a rendering of a model word called the Cartoon Wasteland, mayhem ensues! Unbeknownst to Mickey, the spill creates an evil monster called the Phantom Blot who will stop at nothing to take control of the Wasteland, and everything in it, including Mickey’s older half brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Unable to stop the Phantom Blot, Oswald goes into hiding and the Cartoon Wasteland is transformed into a hideous and twisted world.

Many years passed and Mickey went on with his life, until one day he gets sucked through a mirror -- and winds up in the Cartoon Wasteland! Armed with just a magical paintbrush that he took with him, Mickey must stop a Mad Doctor who works closely with the Phantom Blot, earn back his half-brother’s trust, and save the Cartoon Wasteland.

Doesn't sound like too bad of a book, I guess, but I'd much rather play the game. 

Alright, just about everyone knows about MW2, and how popular it is. It may be a bit late, but  I decided to post about my opinions on what they've done, so let's being.

Assault Rifles: Way too much range if you ask me, I understand it isn't an SMG and has some distance, but it's rare you find a spot a sniper can reach that an assault rifle can't.

Akimbo: This is ridiculous if you ask me, who would honestly run around with two guns, P90s are especially stupid akimbo weapons.


Ahh, the beta everyone has been waiting for: Halo Reach! I got my hands on it because I bought ODST, and now you're getting your hands on a review!

First of, the maps. There are 2 maps in the beta, and another 2 are coming soon, Overlook and Boneyard., together with gamemodes not yet in the beta, invasion and generator defense. These maps are Sword base, with 2 buildings on each side, connected by bridges in between, both buildings are several stories high and feature some elevators. Second is Powerhouse, it's based on a hill where one team spawns on top and inside, the other team at the bottom in the outside. It features many interior as wel as exterior areas, with great opportunities to use the jetpack, a feature I'll cover later in this review. Both maps are stunningly pleasing to the eye, have great graphics, and the weapon placement is great, so both teams have equal chances on obtaining some of the power weapons.

Speaking of weapons, let's cover that bit of the beta.

Apparently, google decided that they'd go ahead and make a book store, because they thought google wasn't quite popular enough. I, however, don't imagine it being very successful, I think Amazon has quite a hold on the book market. Then again, if it fails, they can treat it like google video, and just buy Amazon.

Call of Duty, famous for being famous, recently announced some more info about their new upcoming game Black Ops. It's set in the Vietnamish times, so odds are, it'll be eh. I have never really been one to enjoy games that are based in the past. Games in the future are also eh. I like present day things, which is why I play Modern Warfare. My wife is probably going to insist that we buy this game though, so I'll tell you more about it when I try it or something.

Quick details : It has stuff from vietnam and the cold war, probably. Read up:

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Yeah, it's my second google-related post, but that's because I am so awesome and have so many friends that I am allowed to do that. Anyway, I just read a fairly interesting article about google and what if it ever went down. There's more to google than I thought, to be honest.

If you don't notice what's different there, look under the sponsored ads, they list brand names for digital cameras. Similar things appear if you search "computer" or "car" and probably much more. If I would take a guess, I'd say it's a new type of advertising for google in which companies can pay for their brand to be listed on there, but that's just speculation. In any case, it's boring news, but news is news, I guess.

Steve Jobs finally came out and told people why he didn't allow Flash on the iPod.

"Flash was created during the PC era--for PCs and mice," Jobs said in the letter. "New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind."

In short, it was made for PC, and he just doesn't need that riff-raff in HIS technology.

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Yeah, I started getting obsessed with music making and stuff, so I got very busy. I was told if I posted this image all would be forgiven, so I hope all is forgiven.

Hi guys May, looks like it's going to be an excellent month for the gaming industry, here are my top three thing's that I'm excited for in gaming industry in the month of May.

   1.Red Dead Redemption
   2.More news on the Infinity Ward drama
   3.The Halo Reach beta

Of course Red Dead Redemption is first, I was sad that they had push the release date back by about a month of course the developers did this to refine the game and get rid off all the bugs or glitches that were present in the build before it went gold, the game looks like it's going to be a epic, oh trust me this game is going to be epic.

The Infinity Ward drama has been a hot topic for months now, the reason that stated that their publishing company (Activision) fired the pair was "Insubordination and breach of contract", honestly I don't think that they breached anything in their contract, Activision, Call of Duty's publisher were meant to pay both Zampella and West 36 million, for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's success eventually Activision filed a lawsuit against the two and West and Zampella filed a lawsuit as well, seeking their 36 million that they were still owed, soon after these lawsuit were filed EA partners must have contacted Zampella and West offering them a decent deal, their new company is now called "Respawn Entertainment" the terms of the contract were that Zampella and West would own the IP, EA would give them "Start-up money" to hire people.

And last but not least, the Halo Reach Beta! Gosh I'm so excited, for the Beta, hopefully the Halo series can rekindle itself this time around.

Thats all guys, until till next time


Yesterday, I download the demo, played it, it was "fun", eventually after 2 deaths I figured out why I actually had to get inside the monster that I was battling, there were an awesome selection of guns there was a turret (which I attempted to use but got killed when the monster stepped on me), on the second attempt it took me 14 minutes, after shooting its legs, its core etc. of course on my first attempt I continually got stepped on when trying to kill the monster with a machine gun which of course as you can imagine was a futile attempt, regardless of all this respawning, I had a great time.

Recently Bungie, (the developers who make the Halo series) revealed what is in the Collectors and Legendary
Editions of Halo Reach, luckily I Pre-Ordered the Legendary Edition at my local EB Games/Gamestop, when the GameInformer article on Halo: Reach  released months ago, fortunately I'm 3rd in-line according to my local EB Games store, of course if any case worse comes to worse I can get one from work, regardless here's some pictures and info on the editions

first up is the Halo Reach Collectors edition it includes:

*The game disc and manual
*The game's disc(s) will be housed in an ONI "black box
*It will include an Elite armor set
*An artifact bag, containing Dr. Hasley's personal journal, documents and secrets from the Halo universe
 *Retails for $79.99 USD

I actually got a picture if the Legendary Edition box intact, so I will post that as well.

The Legendary Edition contains

*Game disc and manual
*Game disc housed in recovered ONI “black box”
*UNSC-themed custom packaging
*Exclusive Elite armor set for multiplayer modes
*Exclusive multiplayer Spartan armor effect (Flaming Helmet)
*Artifact bag with Dr. Halsey’s personal journal, classified documents, and effects that detail secrets from the *Halo universe
*Noble Team statue by McFalane Toys
*Retails for $149.99 USD

Also I apologize for the bad quality of the sealed image of the Legendary Edition.

Hi guys, since most Australians have a long weekend this week (I got today off as well, which is Friday in this timezone) I will try to post as much as possible, starting with a bunch of info on the Halo Reach multiplayer beta and the Legendary Edition reveal, my opinion on the Lost Planet 2 demo that was just released, things I'm extremely excited  for in the month of May, Marvel vs Capcom 3 news and why you should download the Lost Planet 2 demo.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, my next article should be up soon.

In honour of this blog having 51 posts, I won't blog at all this weekend and will instead attend several 51st parties.

In all actuality, there's an anime con I am attending this weekend, so unless my lazy good-for-nothing writing staff decides to do something this weekend, there won't be any updates until monday. Have a fun weekend, it'll be mediocre compared to mine.

In Australia's neighboring country, New Zealand Splinter Conviction was released in the past week apparently the New Zealand based promoter of Splinter Cell Conviction, the Monaco Corporation attempted to promote the release inbut little did they know thatit would be in extremely negative ways, a man (with a plastic gun) walked into the New Zealand based bar named Degree, and started pointing a plastic gun at others who were in the bar, the company must have honestly thought that they would have gotten "it"  (That this was a promotion for Splinter Cell: Conviction) obviously, the people in the bar didn't the police were called and the promotional company issued a statement "We do apologize, we shouldn't have had guns down there", they then went on to say "It's just marketing gone wrong".

Apparently, one mom is quite wise and is trying to raise her soon to be a proper nerd.

For me, I take nerd to mean someone who has in-depth knowledge on a topic. (I realize there are other connotations the word obviously has, but for me , this is my definition.) So there are video game nerds, sports nerds, anime nerds, history nerds and so on and so forth. What makes nerds so great is they are fountains of information, making some truly intriguing conversations possible — and better yet, some truly heated and even truly meaningless arguments.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think that's the kind of parent I'm going to be. Only my son's going to be an "Awesome nerd" who knows everything about being awesome. Also, my son can beat up your son. I am sure fathers have that arguement all the time.

Okay, it hasn't been released yet, but thanks to my cunning skills and linguistic abilities, I convinced an apple guy to give me it. And by it, I mean fruit, and by apple guy, I mean apple monger.

In unrelated news, the new iPhone was found in a bar in Redwood City, (some state.) and the nifty guys at gizmodo got ahold of it.

What's new

• Front-facing video chat camera
• Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
• Camera flash
• Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
• Improved display. It's unclear if it's the 960x640 display thrown around before—it certainly looks like it, with the "Connect to iTunes" screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.
• What looks to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation, at the top, next to the headphone jack
• Split buttons for volume
• Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic

What's changed

• The back is entirely flat, made of either glass (more likely) or ceramic or shiny plastic in order for the cell signal to poke through. Tapping on the back makes a more hollow and higher pitched sound compared to tapping on the glass on the front/screen, but that could just be the orientation of components inside making for a different sound
• An aluminum border going completely around the outside
• Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS (but seemingly higher resolution)
• Everything is more squared off
• 3 grams heavier
• 16% Larger battery
• Internals components are shrunken, miniaturized and reduced to make room for the larger battery

I might actually go get one now.

There's a lot of cakes out there, many of them can be eaten, and this is one of those edible ones, but it's almost like you wouldn't want to eat it, because it's such an awesome cake, amirite? This is from one of the only SUPER LOTS OF MANY THINGS I've done recently. If any of you have cakes that can top this, send it to, because hey, cakes are awesome,

So, today I went to go play some chess on Yahoo games because I like chess, shut up. Anyway, I noticed a featured article was about gamers. Apparently, Yahoo just discovered people use BAD words on xbox live. Here's the article:

Pretty generic stuff, but I love how on top of things they are. Oh, I also like these two bits:

"Personally, I don't do a lot of online gaming for that reason," said Flynn DeMarco, founder of the Web site, which has worked with Microsoft and other companies on steps to clean up online gaming. "I don't play with anybody I don't already know."

Followed later by

"I don't want everybody out there knowing my name and looking me up on the Internet or Facebook," DeMarco said.


Other than my fail post which no longer exists (I shouldn't blog when I am tired, my "facts" get blurred) AS IF I WRITE ANYTHING FACTUAL AHAHA. Anyway, that used to be a GoW3 opinion article, which came after my GoW3 opinion article. Different games though, don't get them mixed up, one's for the xbox, other is for ps3.

Anyway, this one isn't GoW at all, which is a bit of a let down to start with, but furthermore, I never liked the "skate" games. I don't like skate games in general, but I especially hate this one for it's /horrible/ controls and stupid title. (There needs to be an FPS named 'Shoot', mark that down) Anyway, they're apparently making a new game, which is going to be crap, but still going to be played by "Skater" kids, the demo is on xbox live right now. By the way, if you elect me president, I'll outlaw skateboarding so "Skateboarding isn't a crime" stickers will look like a form of protest rather than a kid trying to look like a rebel.

Feel free to laugh at how the picture got cropped.

If you're looking to upgrade that iPhone of yours to an iPad all by yourself, this picture provide a handy guide for you.

I've also got little to talk about, but don't want the blog dying again.

Wow, what A ride, so far the game has been exceptionally good, the single player campaign definitely rewards players for using stealth as opposed to attempting to kill everyone in the room with a pistol, usually when I'm caught in that situation (and I can no longer can execute) I usually wip out my pistol and lock on-to the enemies head and pull the trigger, move to a different location, lock on to the head and rinse and repeat, however there are times were I have been caught out and had to resort to using hand-to-hand take downs only which (as you can imagine) was a head ache, however the developer's definitely put an array of different attack option's in front of you, for instance you can climb on a pipe (that is hanging from the wall/ceiling), and drop down and insta-kill an enemy or drop behind him and gain the ability to execute, then quickly head shot/execute the remaining enemy's. As an added bonus Sam Fisher (the character that you play in the single player campaign, will receive new DLC weekly, starting tomorrow (today in some timezones) I usually like developers who take this approach, because they are more likely to extend the amount of play time that me or you are any other, player on Xbox Live (remember this game is an Xbox 360 exclusive, but the example is applicable to most consoles made after 2006, Xbox 360, PS3...etc.) The multiplayer campaign seemed fun (I did get the same playtime with it as the Single player) however I really didn't have as much fun (although some features were pretty cool to have), it really didn't cut it for me, however If you just want to play single player, this game is recommended, although the Co-Op missions that I player were alright, they just were 'meh rather than wow OMFG that was so amazing!
usually games that give me the "intense" feeling usually satisfy me, the Co-op missions that I played weren't that spectacular, there were moments where the tension is very, very high, however I will see if I can get more play time at work on my lunch break.
Also I'm planning to do a review on Red Dead Redemption (which I Pre-Ordered today) and the Halo Reach Beta (which comes out on May 3rd )(the 4th in some countries) and then Red Dead Redemption comes out on the 18th of May (The 19th in some countries).
That's all thanks for reading.

Apparently, some satellite determined that it would be a good idea to look at a moon thermally (Protip: Most of the heat will be on the side facing the sun) and what came out was this image. It's pretty cool, because even aliens like pacman, so we can use this knowledge to make some deals.

Of course, this is only the moon "Mimas", and we call know he's way too into gaming and needs to get out and get a job, the lazy good for nothing.

This is a video of a cute cat (ugly cats don't get blog videos) playing with the iPad. This makes me considering buying an iPad for my cat. Then I remember I don't have a cat, so I consider buying one for myself, but then I realized, I wasn't a cat, so it'd be garbage to me.

When this game was announced and the teaser trailer was released on Xbox Live, I was extremely excited, why do you ask? This game basically looks like a remake of Modern Warfare 2 but well better, however (as we have come to learn) it probably won't sell as much as the the previous CoD installment or have as much playtime on Xbox Live, however I feel that gamers who were around for the last Medal of Honor, will hopefully find this game enjoyable, I know DICE (know for the Battlefield series) will do the multiplayer, justice it will also (I'm just guessing here) will be very squad orientated, as opposed to other first person shooters were you're trying to take out the entire squad by yourself, hopefully EA does the campaign some justice as well (I'm hoping that I can actually connect with the characters or have some type of background information) instead of "You're apart of an elite squad who kills people, the end", it seems that most first-person shooters nowadays are just based on one premise (the one I stated earlier). However, this probably on my most anticipated games of 2010 list, hopefully the developers don't rush the development process of the game to coincide with Halo Reach's release. 

You may or may not of heard of Rockstar's new game. It's coming out around May 18th, and looks intense. But not just because it has cowboys in it. Well, actually, no. Just because it has cowboys in it. But for some other reasons, too. This game is about a former outlaw, John Marston, who takes a trip across places to save his family from federal agents. The weaponry is pretty cool. They have your usual cowboy guns, like, revolvers, repeaters, lassos, and so on. They also have a german pistol, for some reason. I've watched some vidyas on it, and it looks pretty cowboy-like. There's horses, and you can shoot people with bullets. I also think you can steal trains, which in my opinion is pretty cool, cuz' i mean, who doesn't like trains, and who doesn't like stealing? It has a pretty cool looking multi-player. It's pretty much just free roaming, but still, it looks cool. You can find stuff and junk on it- HERE (Also, they have some stuff about it here(Because ps3 has no games))

On the 10th of November 2009 Activision published Infinity Ward's, next installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, because ether Infinity Ward or Activision decided not to have a public beta the multiplayer mode was riddled with game breaking glitches and almost impossible-to-beat weapon and perk combos, not to mention the Javelin glitch which allowed players to assume the role of a suicide bomber and take an x enemies with them, however in the first DLC installment, things are much different, most of the maps are fun to play on however since Activision knows that there are many people out there that only play games from the Call of Duty series and would pay for these maps, regardless of how high the price is, really if Call of Duty is all you play then go out and spend $15 (it's $20 in some countries) on new maps, your probably going to put hours and hours of play time into them, if your not a Call of Duty fanboy then I wouldn't recommend these maps, the initial asking price is too high for 5 maps, 2 of which are remakes and 3 that are new, even then 2 of the new maps aren't as exciting (however one of them is extremely cramped and the other is more of a typical FPS scenario) is too high, when your bought the game (i'm presuming you bought the retail version here) initially the game itself came with 15 maps and the game was $60 now if you pay $15 extra dollars every time a new map pack releases as the same price as this one was your probably going to get ripped off, you get about 3 games that are discounted down to 400 Mircosoft Points from the Xbox Live Arcade, for the price of the 5 maps, I still can't get over how much the price is, maybe if they included a free avatar item (for instance the "Solider" costume or the "Ghost" costume) maybe I wouldn't feel so ripped off, however there is a free avatar item on (i'll link it at the end of the review.

As you know there are 5 maps in this "Stimulus Map Pack" and access to an exclusive playlist, were only the Stimulus maps played in rotation, with a random game mode the map that I liked the most is Bailout, Infinity Ward did a great job visually and with how the map is played, however most of the other maps (this is not including the two remakes) weren't as up to par as I though that they would be, Salvage is probably one of the fastest pace designed map in the game, nearly around even corner there's someone ready to kill you, nearly ever corner is a potential death trap, Salvage (if you didn't get what It is from the name) is a junkyard, filled with crushed cars, crushed well everything, funny thing that Infinity Ward put in there is the doggy kenal on the map (you would have seen it in the trailer) I usually hide in there after escaping an enemies attack, and then hide in there until they walk past and bang, shotgun kill, then usually I leave after that because he would have seen the location that I shot him from (during the killcam replay). Crash and Overgrown are basically the same maps as last time, they just received a minor visual upgrade, they are still very fun to play on, as expected. Storm is another new addition, I found the map, well creepy, there are manikins nearly everywhere, I've also been killed in one of the halls of manikins, and trust me I jumped, if your not paying attention people will come out of nowhere and knife you or shoot you, regardless getting killed there isn't fun, the other thing that I think is good about Storm is the rain that is incorporated into the map, however the only thing that really makes me dislike the map is that there is an accessible window that is right after this passage, I've been killed numerous times ether walking or running or just after killing someone, however, with the pace of the game I should expect this. And finally we come to Bailout, my favourite map in the pack, Infinity Ward, delivered on this map, it's stunning graphically and gameplay wise, I definitely liked how the overall map was designed and the pool in the middle(which is fun to be in when In prone), the map is basically like a rich suburb townhouse that hasn't been war torn (just yet). Even though about 2 of the maps are great the Maps overall aren't worth the price, if it were taken down 200-400 MS Points, then yes, but since the asking price is so high and unless you are a Call of Duty fanboy there is no point in spending this much money on maps that you won't need, i'm sure Infinity Ward won't, make the DLC required on regular playlists (if the have any sense.) But seriously if your not all Call of Duty addict I wouldn't recommend spend 15 dollars on maps that you don't need, unless you've been playing Modern Warfare 2 since the release and think that you need something new, then buy it. But if you have other FPS's, or you want other games from the Xbox Live Arcade, get them, you will have a full game and not just maps, on to my closing statement.

Although Infinity Ward makes excellent FPS's they still failed to "recapture" the magic of the original Modern Warfare magic, and they still haven't rectified all problems in the multiplayer mode (for instance the insta-death Akimbo Shotguns are still around). Until Infinity Ward does something amazing again (e.g. Make another great, balance fun to play game) I don't think I will enjoy the Call of Duty series as much, they already have the fanbase, why not make a game that everyone can enjoy instead of people getting pissed at getting killed by another player randomly?
Thanks for reading the review the Avatar item I was referring to can been found here please note that this may be for a limited time only.
also for anyone who is going to ask this question, I had 4-5 pages, but I shorted it to keep the boring factor out of it.

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Days without updates, my fault, I blame it on this game.

Minecraft is a game where you play the role of a whatever-you-decide-you-want-to-be (custom skins for characters) who decides to build things. It's in development right now, but it has a multiplayer and single player mode. The single player is alright, and the indev single player is a lot of fun, but the real kicker is the multiplayer for me. There's something for everyone, providing everyone likes to either build or rp, if you don't, then you're not a part of society and should get back to your basement (as if you would leave.)

I have built a couple pixel art things, which is somewhat entertaining, but mainly it's about roleplaying for me, I find it fun, so eh. If you're bored, MC is definitely worth a look into.

Pretty much a regular tactics game.

New spells, new characters, but same concept.
You make a party and join together to fight for a silly cause [most likely to save the world].
You start as Adell the only human left in Veldime.
Mother summoned a girl to help him, but was really hoping for a different summon. Lots of main characters, the best one apparently is Axel.

Lots of quests, fighting, and magic. If you like tactic games, try this one out. If anything you'll enjoy it as there are two games [and a remake] and a third one coming out [so technically four].

When DICE announced the sequel to the original Battlefield Bad Company.
I was excited, the original was riddled with problems, this game fixes most of them however, no game is completely perfect.
The games plot isn't the best, you are fighting trying to prevent "World War 3"

The intro level (in my opinion) is probably, the best, there is no "Firing Practice" like the Call of Duty franchise has, however if your paying attention to the screen you will learn how to knife how to run, how to shoot, how to throw grenades, etc. (if that is even required), when you get further into the campaign the game expands, there's wide open vistas nearly every level you play, the vehicle levels don't suck, the campaign's character personalities are realistic, once you stop comparing the game to Infinity Ward's previous title (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2), you realize the games potential is so high, however the game doesn't compare to Call of Duty, and the high action scene's that the game has in it's Campaign mode or the beautiful open vistas that the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series has. However the Campaign is pretty "lengthy", longer than the previous Call of Duty title was. The characters (like I stated before) are more realistic than the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, franchise characters are, I feel like I know who Sweetwater is, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 I just don't get that feeling, the level's and the collectible guns also add a decent amount of replayability to the Campaign mode.

In the multiplayer, there is much fun to be had, I'm still levelling up my Assault class, and it's been about 1-2 weeks, the multiplayer will keep you coming back especially the Rush and Conquest modes, there's a big enough array of vehicle’s to keep you interested and the “Destruction 2.0” feature is a sweet added bonus, the classes are now streamlined, the support classes (Engineer and Medic) are definitely worth checking out, as well as the Assault and Recon classes, camping (something that plagues the current call of duty) is almost non existent, unless you could call the Recon class “A class designed for campers” but regardless, when one Sniper gets killed the one that killed him will take his place, and so on and so forth, the other support classes (Medic and Engineer) are very useful as well as the Assault class, each class has a roll if you don’t play it, you will get continually killed, an Assault should supply their comrade’s, with a good supply of ammo, while an Engineer should fix damaged vehicles, a Medic should revive fallen comrades and supply health packs to keep the team alive, and the Recon class should support their team from a distance. I like the Recon class because of the early C4 put in the kit, I usually use the C4 as a fail safe on buildings, the Assault is good as well a “Attack” class hence the name Assault, Medic is basically a healer, his job is to keep you alive or revive you when you have been killed by the opposing team.

The Conquest mode has to been one of my favourite game modes, its basically like Rush; minus the charges add flags and vehicles, it’s basically all out warfare, base to base, getting kills in the dark in hard if your not attentive, knifing someone is the sweetest feeling, getting medals is great as well, if you want to level up as fast as possible I would recommend the Medic class, if you are doing your job right you should level up extremely fast.

I would recommend this game to those who want a lot of content and playtime in the game, if you play online, the multiplayer (If you own an Xbox 360 console) is worth upgrading to a gold membership.
My next article will be on the Modern Warfare 2 DLC v The Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC.
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Apparently, the british times thinks they can be clever and start charging money for web content.

News International, the British division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., announced on Friday that two of its newspapers, The Times and The Sunday Times of London, are set to begin charging readers using its sites in June.

There's a reason for this, and it's that ONLY THE RICH DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. I find it silly they think they can charge for words when videos and music are so easily pirated. Lol@you british times, I'LL BE A NEWS PIRATE.

For added effect, I'll make a pirate hat out of one of their papers, that'll really hit 'em hard.

Yume Nikki is a pretty cool game. I used to play it alot when i was into anime and such. I never actually beat it, but i got pretty close. Anyway, Yume Nikki is about a girl that travels through dreams and gets items. That's pretty much the point of the game, to find all the items. Most of the items require other items to get to them, and trust me, it can get pretty confusing. This game has alot of random events and easter eggs. Most of the time you'll find yourself searching for different easter eggs and such. Or maybe not. Over all, it's a pretty good game. It's made with RPG maker, i think, and there's no cowboys in it, and it can get old quick, but hey, theres no such thing as a perfect game. Yet. Nah just messin. Download= Here.

Lets actually count the Pokemon Games shall we?
Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Snap, Pinball, Colosseum, XD, Mystery Dungeon, etc. Honestly; the list doesn't stop.

The game is a basic RPG, but the fact that the developers of Pokemon continue to make the game the same over and over again but for different platforms is silly. Sure you can do different things, but they are exactly the same.
Heart Gold/Soul Silver for example, is the same as Gold & Silver. But now you have new things to do at the good price of $50. Silly kids can't even emulate the game because it freezes constantly, go you Nintendo for doing something to stop pirating arrr!
Other then the fact some of these games I haven't even heard of (XD), means we won't be having a wonderful remake of the same thing, oh darn. The only good thing about Pokemon is the Colosseum games where you can bring in your Pokemon from the individual games where you are able to battle other people, play mini-games, and actually play the game. Fun stuff!

Oh and really and only 493 Pokemon to date. To bad now they are all triple forms of some random Pokemon just because you can't think of anything else. Even though all the new Pokemon are stupid. The first 151 Pokemon started the whole thing and they were epic, and the second generation was pretty sick as well. Third was "decent" and now its dropping. Hopefully for the 5th generation of Pokemon they will have better, newer, and more unique Pokemon.


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When playing a game most people play it for the graphics, the system, characters, etc. But most times the thing that can draw you in a game is, the plot.
The plot of a game tells a lot, how all the characters are involved with each other and their over-all goals towards the ultimate goal. Naturally the plot of a game needs to have multiple things, to keep the gamer attached.
a) Something the gamer is able to relate to, a goal perhaps.
b) Something to spark their interests, without that there would be no point for them playing.
c) many twists throughout the story to keep the tangled.
d) the unknown
e) Irony
f) Competition

Obviously there is much more things that keeps the plot being "juicy", but these are key elements that make the gamer want to continue playing.
Naturally the plot of a game starts off slow but builds to certain points where the gamer gets hooked. Take for example the new game for the PS3 "Resonance of Fate"it brings in a new battle system for gamers to enjoy, a "unique" story-line, and quests. The game uses guns as weapons which is actually pretty cool compared to the common sword, and the graphics are pretty well done (PS3 has good graphics for all games though). The story-line though unique has, side quests which seem to deviate from the main plot to much. Also the fact that most the quests are searching through dungeons, exploring, and lots of repetition. Repetition is something that a gamer who is looking for a fascinating plot is not in the mood for, repeating things more then twice. Because of that the developers do not put enough detail in the main story and create the same boring thing over and over again.

Right now the only plot which seems to amuse me is from Final Fantasy XIII, and that is because it is new compared to all of the original Final Fantasy which they all revolve around crystals. Because I am only around three hours in (rush time, usually about six hours) I am waiting to see the crystal appear, even though I believe that it already has because you level up your skills with the "Crystarium" and that the fal'CiE are made throughout crystal and the world they come out of.

Repetition is a good thing in minimal amounts, not for the whole game-play.

Media Monsters, best known for being a game about hard drives fighting each other is a game about hard drives fighting each other.

It's a bit of a mindless game by Verbatim, but it had entertainment value, I'd say give it a shot if you're bored, it's bound to be entertaining for a bit.

Since the advent of Photoshop, even the saddest sadsack on the planet (see 'Cosplayer') has a shot at looking pretty. Faces given the Hollywood Treatment. Skin can be smoothed and lifted. Tummies tucked in seconds. Eyes, enlarged. Boobs, inflated. (The bigger the better, amirite?)

360 vs Ps3

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It's a debate that's going to go on for at least another several whiles. Which is better, the ps3 or the 360. I have played on both, and to be completely honest, here's the winner: No one.

The Ps3 is a sleek, stylish systems with smooth controls and a better online community than the 360.

The 360 isn't as stylish as the ps3, but it's the "every-man's" console. It's able to play a very large variety of games and probably has at least 10 of your friends in the xbox live community.

They both run smoothly enough, and aside from the red ring, they're not going to break anytime soon. The only reason I could see you preferring one over the other is:

-online community/friends
-exclusive titles

If none of those are your reason, then your just a fanboy.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the Wii wasn't included in this is because we were only discussing consoles that were primarily played by people that graduated from elementary school.

Nintendo DS, known for releasing 3 different kinds of DS's at 3 different times decided they'd do something original and make another one. This one will apparently enable you to see 3d games without any special glasses.

I predict it will cost around 100 dollars, which seems a little much for a novelty product. "OH MY GOD, MY ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE IT'S COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN." Great for a bit, but then it gets tiresome.

" Each has tiny stripes that will hide certain pixels so that some are only visible to your left eye, while others will only be seen by your right eye. In that way, each eye gets its own image, producing the illusion of 3D without the need for glasses."

Sounds like witchcraft to me. If you get one, tell me how it is. (It sucks.)