You may or may not of heard of Rockstar's new game. It's coming out around May 18th, and looks intense. But not just because it has cowboys in it. Well, actually, no. Just because it has cowboys in it. But for some other reasons, too. This game is about a former outlaw, John Marston, who takes a trip across places to save his family from federal agents. The weaponry is pretty cool. They have your usual cowboy guns, like, revolvers, repeaters, lassos, and so on. They also have a german pistol, for some reason. I've watched some vidyas on it, and it looks pretty cowboy-like. There's horses, and you can shoot people with bullets. I also think you can steal trains, which in my opinion is pretty cool, cuz' i mean, who doesn't like trains, and who doesn't like stealing? It has a pretty cool looking multi-player. It's pretty much just free roaming, but still, it looks cool. You can find stuff and junk on it- HERE (Also, they have some stuff about it here(Because ps3 has no games))

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