When this game was announced and the teaser trailer was released on Xbox Live, I was extremely excited, why do you ask? This game basically looks like a remake of Modern Warfare 2 but well better, however (as we have come to learn) it probably won't sell as much as the the previous CoD installment or have as much playtime on Xbox Live, however I feel that gamers who were around for the last Medal of Honor, will hopefully find this game enjoyable, I know DICE (know for the Battlefield series) will do the multiplayer, justice it will also (I'm just guessing here) will be very squad orientated, as opposed to other first person shooters were you're trying to take out the entire squad by yourself, hopefully EA does the campaign some justice as well (I'm hoping that I can actually connect with the characters or have some type of background information) instead of "You're apart of an elite squad who kills people, the end", it seems that most first-person shooters nowadays are just based on one premise (the one I stated earlier). However, this probably on my most anticipated games of 2010 list, hopefully the developers don't rush the development process of the game to coincide with Halo Reach's release. 

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