Hi guys May, looks like it's going to be an excellent month for the gaming industry, here are my top three thing's that I'm excited for in gaming industry in the month of May.

   1.Red Dead Redemption
   2.More news on the Infinity Ward drama
   3.The Halo Reach beta

Of course Red Dead Redemption is first, I was sad that they had push the release date back by about a month of course the developers did this to refine the game and get rid off all the bugs or glitches that were present in the build before it went gold, the game looks like it's going to be a epic, oh trust me this game is going to be epic.

The Infinity Ward drama has been a hot topic for months now, the reason that stated that their publishing company (Activision) fired the pair was "Insubordination and breach of contract", honestly I don't think that they breached anything in their contract, Activision, Call of Duty's publisher were meant to pay both Zampella and West 36 million, for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's success eventually Activision filed a lawsuit against the two and West and Zampella filed a lawsuit as well, seeking their 36 million that they were still owed, soon after these lawsuit were filed EA partners must have contacted Zampella and West offering them a decent deal, their new company is now called "Respawn Entertainment" the terms of the contract were that Zampella and West would own the IP, EA would give them "Start-up money" to hire people.

And last but not least, the Halo Reach Beta! Gosh I'm so excited, for the Beta, hopefully the Halo series can rekindle itself this time around.

Thats all guys, until till next time


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