Wow, what A ride, so far the game has been exceptionally good, the single player campaign definitely rewards players for using stealth as opposed to attempting to kill everyone in the room with a pistol, usually when I'm caught in that situation (and I can no longer can execute) I usually wip out my pistol and lock on-to the enemies head and pull the trigger, move to a different location, lock on to the head and rinse and repeat, however there are times were I have been caught out and had to resort to using hand-to-hand take downs only which (as you can imagine) was a head ache, however the developer's definitely put an array of different attack option's in front of you, for instance you can climb on a pipe (that is hanging from the wall/ceiling), and drop down and insta-kill an enemy or drop behind him and gain the ability to execute, then quickly head shot/execute the remaining enemy's. As an added bonus Sam Fisher (the character that you play in the single player campaign, will receive new DLC weekly, starting tomorrow (today in some timezones) I usually like developers who take this approach, because they are more likely to extend the amount of play time that me or you are any other, player on Xbox Live (remember this game is an Xbox 360 exclusive, but the example is applicable to most consoles made after 2006, Xbox 360, PS3...etc.) The multiplayer campaign seemed fun (I did get the same playtime with it as the Single player) however I really didn't have as much fun (although some features were pretty cool to have), it really didn't cut it for me, however If you just want to play single player, this game is recommended, although the Co-Op missions that I player were alright, they just were 'meh rather than wow OMFG that was so amazing!
usually games that give me the "intense" feeling usually satisfy me, the Co-op missions that I played weren't that spectacular, there were moments where the tension is very, very high, however I will see if I can get more play time at work on my lunch break.
Also I'm planning to do a review on Red Dead Redemption (which I Pre-Ordered today) and the Halo Reach Beta (which comes out on May 3rd )(the 4th in some countries) and then Red Dead Redemption comes out on the 18th of May (The 19th in some countries).
That's all thanks for reading.

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