On the 10th of November 2009 Activision published Infinity Ward's, next installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, because ether Infinity Ward or Activision decided not to have a public beta the multiplayer mode was riddled with game breaking glitches and almost impossible-to-beat weapon and perk combos, not to mention the Javelin glitch which allowed players to assume the role of a suicide bomber and take an x enemies with them, however in the first DLC installment, things are much different, most of the maps are fun to play on however since Activision knows that there are many people out there that only play games from the Call of Duty series and would pay for these maps, regardless of how high the price is, really if Call of Duty is all you play then go out and spend $15 (it's $20 in some countries) on new maps, your probably going to put hours and hours of play time into them, if your not a Call of Duty fanboy then I wouldn't recommend these maps, the initial asking price is too high for 5 maps, 2 of which are remakes and 3 that are new, even then 2 of the new maps aren't as exciting (however one of them is extremely cramped and the other is more of a typical FPS scenario) is too high, when your bought the game (i'm presuming you bought the retail version here) initially the game itself came with 15 maps and the game was $60 now if you pay $15 extra dollars every time a new map pack releases as the same price as this one was your probably going to get ripped off, you get about 3 games that are discounted down to 400 Mircosoft Points from the Xbox Live Arcade, for the price of the 5 maps, I still can't get over how much the price is, maybe if they included a free avatar item (for instance the "Solider" costume or the "Ghost" costume) maybe I wouldn't feel so ripped off, however there is a free avatar item on xbox.com (i'll link it at the end of the review.

As you know there are 5 maps in this "Stimulus Map Pack" and access to an exclusive playlist, were only the Stimulus maps played in rotation, with a random game mode the map that I liked the most is Bailout, Infinity Ward did a great job visually and with how the map is played, however most of the other maps (this is not including the two remakes) weren't as up to par as I though that they would be, Salvage is probably one of the fastest pace designed map in the game, nearly around even corner there's someone ready to kill you, nearly ever corner is a potential death trap, Salvage (if you didn't get what It is from the name) is a junkyard, filled with crushed cars, crushed well everything, funny thing that Infinity Ward put in there is the doggy kenal on the map (you would have seen it in the trailer) I usually hide in there after escaping an enemies attack, and then hide in there until they walk past and bang, shotgun kill, then usually I leave after that because he would have seen the location that I shot him from (during the killcam replay). Crash and Overgrown are basically the same maps as last time, they just received a minor visual upgrade, they are still very fun to play on, as expected. Storm is another new addition, I found the map, well creepy, there are manikins nearly everywhere, I've also been killed in one of the halls of manikins, and trust me I jumped, if your not paying attention people will come out of nowhere and knife you or shoot you, regardless getting killed there isn't fun, the other thing that I think is good about Storm is the rain that is incorporated into the map, however the only thing that really makes me dislike the map is that there is an accessible window that is right after this passage, I've been killed numerous times ether walking or running or just after killing someone, however, with the pace of the game I should expect this. And finally we come to Bailout, my favourite map in the pack, Infinity Ward, delivered on this map, it's stunning graphically and gameplay wise, I definitely liked how the overall map was designed and the pool in the middle(which is fun to be in when In prone), the map is basically like a rich suburb townhouse that hasn't been war torn (just yet). Even though about 2 of the maps are great the Maps overall aren't worth the price, if it were taken down 200-400 MS Points, then yes, but since the asking price is so high and unless you are a Call of Duty fanboy there is no point in spending this much money on maps that you won't need, i'm sure Infinity Ward won't, make the DLC required on regular playlists (if the have any sense.) But seriously if your not all Call of Duty addict I wouldn't recommend spend 15 dollars on maps that you don't need, unless you've been playing Modern Warfare 2 since the release and think that you need something new, then buy it. But if you have other FPS's, or you want other games from the Xbox Live Arcade, get them, you will have a full game and not just maps, on to my closing statement.

Although Infinity Ward makes excellent FPS's they still failed to "recapture" the magic of the original Modern Warfare magic, and they still haven't rectified all problems in the multiplayer mode (for instance the insta-death Akimbo Shotguns are still around). Until Infinity Ward does something amazing again (e.g. Make another great, balance fun to play game) I don't think I will enjoy the Call of Duty series as much, they already have the fanbase, why not make a game that everyone can enjoy instead of people getting pissed at getting killed by another player randomly?
Thanks for reading the review the Avatar item I was referring to can been found here http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/games/offers/011f000f-0000-4000-8000-000041560817?cid=SLink please note that this may be for a limited time only.
also for anyone who is going to ask this question, I had 4-5 pages, but I shorted it to keep the boring factor out of it.

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