Pretty much a regular tactics game.

New spells, new characters, but same concept.
You make a party and join together to fight for a silly cause [most likely to save the world].
You start as Adell the only human left in Veldime.
Mother summoned a girl to help him, but was really hoping for a different summon. Lots of main characters, the best one apparently is Axel.

Lots of quests, fighting, and magic. If you like tactic games, try this one out. If anything you'll enjoy it as there are two games [and a remake] and a third one coming out [so technically four].

When DICE announced the sequel to the original Battlefield Bad Company.
I was excited, the original was riddled with problems, this game fixes most of them however, no game is completely perfect.
The games plot isn't the best, you are fighting trying to prevent "World War 3"

The intro level (in my opinion) is probably, the best, there is no "Firing Practice" like the Call of Duty franchise has, however if your paying attention to the screen you will learn how to knife how to run, how to shoot, how to throw grenades, etc. (if that is even required), when you get further into the campaign the game expands, there's wide open vistas nearly every level you play, the vehicle levels don't suck, the campaign's character personalities are realistic, once you stop comparing the game to Infinity Ward's previous title (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2), you realize the games potential is so high, however the game doesn't compare to Call of Duty, and the high action scene's that the game has in it's Campaign mode or the beautiful open vistas that the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series has. However the Campaign is pretty "lengthy", longer than the previous Call of Duty title was. The characters (like I stated before) are more realistic than the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, franchise characters are, I feel like I know who Sweetwater is, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 I just don't get that feeling, the level's and the collectible guns also add a decent amount of replayability to the Campaign mode.

In the multiplayer, there is much fun to be had, I'm still levelling up my Assault class, and it's been about 1-2 weeks, the multiplayer will keep you coming back especially the Rush and Conquest modes, there's a big enough array of vehicle’s to keep you interested and the “Destruction 2.0” feature is a sweet added bonus, the classes are now streamlined, the support classes (Engineer and Medic) are definitely worth checking out, as well as the Assault and Recon classes, camping (something that plagues the current call of duty) is almost non existent, unless you could call the Recon class “A class designed for campers” but regardless, when one Sniper gets killed the one that killed him will take his place, and so on and so forth, the other support classes (Medic and Engineer) are very useful as well as the Assault class, each class has a roll if you don’t play it, you will get continually killed, an Assault should supply their comrade’s, with a good supply of ammo, while an Engineer should fix damaged vehicles, a Medic should revive fallen comrades and supply health packs to keep the team alive, and the Recon class should support their team from a distance. I like the Recon class because of the early C4 put in the kit, I usually use the C4 as a fail safe on buildings, the Assault is good as well a “Attack” class hence the name Assault, Medic is basically a healer, his job is to keep you alive or revive you when you have been killed by the opposing team.

The Conquest mode has to been one of my favourite game modes, its basically like Rush; minus the charges add flags and vehicles, it’s basically all out warfare, base to base, getting kills in the dark in hard if your not attentive, knifing someone is the sweetest feeling, getting medals is great as well, if you want to level up as fast as possible I would recommend the Medic class, if you are doing your job right you should level up extremely fast.

I would recommend this game to those who want a lot of content and playtime in the game, if you play online, the multiplayer (If you own an Xbox 360 console) is worth upgrading to a gold membership.
My next article will be on the Modern Warfare 2 DLC v The Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC.
Thanks for reading!

Apparently, the british times thinks they can be clever and start charging money for web content.

News International, the British division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., announced on Friday that two of its newspapers, The Times and The Sunday Times of London, are set to begin charging readers using its sites in June.

There's a reason for this, and it's that ONLY THE RICH DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. I find it silly they think they can charge for words when videos and music are so easily pirated. Lol@you british times, I'LL BE A NEWS PIRATE.

For added effect, I'll make a pirate hat out of one of their papers, that'll really hit 'em hard.

Yume Nikki is a pretty cool game. I used to play it alot when i was into anime and such. I never actually beat it, but i got pretty close. Anyway, Yume Nikki is about a girl that travels through dreams and gets items. That's pretty much the point of the game, to find all the items. Most of the items require other items to get to them, and trust me, it can get pretty confusing. This game has alot of random events and easter eggs. Most of the time you'll find yourself searching for different easter eggs and such. Or maybe not. Over all, it's a pretty good game. It's made with RPG maker, i think, and there's no cowboys in it, and it can get old quick, but hey, theres no such thing as a perfect game. Yet. Nah just messin. Download= Here.

Lets actually count the Pokemon Games shall we?
Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Snap, Pinball, Colosseum, XD, Mystery Dungeon, etc. Honestly; the list doesn't stop.

The game is a basic RPG, but the fact that the developers of Pokemon continue to make the game the same over and over again but for different platforms is silly. Sure you can do different things, but they are exactly the same.
Heart Gold/Soul Silver for example, is the same as Gold & Silver. But now you have new things to do at the good price of $50. Silly kids can't even emulate the game because it freezes constantly, go you Nintendo for doing something to stop pirating arrr!
Other then the fact some of these games I haven't even heard of (XD), means we won't be having a wonderful remake of the same thing, oh darn. The only good thing about Pokemon is the Colosseum games where you can bring in your Pokemon from the individual games where you are able to battle other people, play mini-games, and actually play the game. Fun stuff!

Oh and really and only 493 Pokemon to date. To bad now they are all triple forms of some random Pokemon just because you can't think of anything else. Even though all the new Pokemon are stupid. The first 151 Pokemon started the whole thing and they were epic, and the second generation was pretty sick as well. Third was "decent" and now its dropping. Hopefully for the 5th generation of Pokemon they will have better, newer, and more unique Pokemon.


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When playing a game most people play it for the graphics, the system, characters, etc. But most times the thing that can draw you in a game is, the plot.
The plot of a game tells a lot, how all the characters are involved with each other and their over-all goals towards the ultimate goal. Naturally the plot of a game needs to have multiple things, to keep the gamer attached.
a) Something the gamer is able to relate to, a goal perhaps.
b) Something to spark their interests, without that there would be no point for them playing.
c) many twists throughout the story to keep the tangled.
d) the unknown
e) Irony
f) Competition

Obviously there is much more things that keeps the plot being "juicy", but these are key elements that make the gamer want to continue playing.
Naturally the plot of a game starts off slow but builds to certain points where the gamer gets hooked. Take for example the new game for the PS3 "Resonance of Fate"it brings in a new battle system for gamers to enjoy, a "unique" story-line, and quests. The game uses guns as weapons which is actually pretty cool compared to the common sword, and the graphics are pretty well done (PS3 has good graphics for all games though). The story-line though unique has, side quests which seem to deviate from the main plot to much. Also the fact that most the quests are searching through dungeons, exploring, and lots of repetition. Repetition is something that a gamer who is looking for a fascinating plot is not in the mood for, repeating things more then twice. Because of that the developers do not put enough detail in the main story and create the same boring thing over and over again.

Right now the only plot which seems to amuse me is from Final Fantasy XIII, and that is because it is new compared to all of the original Final Fantasy which they all revolve around crystals. Because I am only around three hours in (rush time, usually about six hours) I am waiting to see the crystal appear, even though I believe that it already has because you level up your skills with the "Crystarium" and that the fal'CiE are made throughout crystal and the world they come out of.

Repetition is a good thing in minimal amounts, not for the whole game-play.

Media Monsters, best known for being a game about hard drives fighting each other is a game about hard drives fighting each other.

It's a bit of a mindless game by Verbatim, but it had entertainment value, I'd say give it a shot if you're bored, it's bound to be entertaining for a bit.

Since the advent of Photoshop, even the saddest sadsack on the planet (see 'Cosplayer') has a shot at looking pretty. Faces given the Hollywood Treatment. Skin can be smoothed and lifted. Tummies tucked in seconds. Eyes, enlarged. Boobs, inflated. (The bigger the better, amirite?)

360 vs Ps3

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It's a debate that's going to go on for at least another several whiles. Which is better, the ps3 or the 360. I have played on both, and to be completely honest, here's the winner: No one.

The Ps3 is a sleek, stylish systems with smooth controls and a better online community than the 360.

The 360 isn't as stylish as the ps3, but it's the "every-man's" console. It's able to play a very large variety of games and probably has at least 10 of your friends in the xbox live community.

They both run smoothly enough, and aside from the red ring, they're not going to break anytime soon. The only reason I could see you preferring one over the other is:

-online community/friends
-exclusive titles

If none of those are your reason, then your just a fanboy.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the Wii wasn't included in this is because we were only discussing consoles that were primarily played by people that graduated from elementary school.

Nintendo DS, known for releasing 3 different kinds of DS's at 3 different times decided they'd do something original and make another one. This one will apparently enable you to see 3d games without any special glasses.

I predict it will cost around 100 dollars, which seems a little much for a novelty product. "OH MY GOD, MY ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE IT'S COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN." Great for a bit, but then it gets tiresome.

" Each has tiny stripes that will hide certain pixels so that some are only visible to your left eye, while others will only be seen by your right eye. In that way, each eye gets its own image, producing the illusion of 3D without the need for glasses."

Sounds like witchcraft to me. If you get one, tell me how it is. (It sucks.)

Sorry for the lack of updates, majorly swamped with stuff the last couple of days. Like climbing mount everest with a lion tied to my back, or something manly like that.

Anyway, I used the picture of some nerd you for this shot because it's generic fast food, so here it goes:

Day 4: Long John Silvers. Essentially exactly like KFC, but with seafood. Their chicken is pretty good too. Also, if you're not a health freak (You're not, you're just the normal kind) then ask for an order of crumbs next time you go by. They're free and tasty.

Day 5: Mcdonalds/Burger King: "OMG THEY'RE DIFFERENT". Shut up. Essentially, they all have the same things, Burger King has better burgers, McDonalds has better fries and are cheaper. (They also have dollar chicken sammiches, awesome.)

Day 6: Subway: It's delicious, but at 5 (5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong) bucks for each sandwich, it's a little too rich for my taste, I'd prefer to stick to my cheap eating unless I am taking a girl out on a date. Girls are impressed with 5 dollar meals, you best believe it.

Day 7: Jack in the Box: One word, tacos. They have disgustingly bad for you tacos at a deliciously good price. (The tacos also taste pretty good). Everything else is pretty bleh, but the tacos are their staple product. Best to buy at around 1 am.

That about wraps it up, I guess.

"But you missed yesterday, you charismatic, sophisticated man, you." Yeah, I did, I'll post more today, don't worry your little head.

Anyway, KFC fits with the bad slogan group. "There's fast food, then there's KFC" As far as I am concerned, if you have a drive through, you're fast food. No, not applebees, that doesn't count. There's an exception to every rule, after all.

Anyway, KFC makes chicken, fried chicken. They also make grilled chicken, but I prefer to treat it the same way I treat drowning otters and just pretend it doesn't exist. "That's terrible!" No, don't worry, the chicken isn't offended.

Anyway, they have great mashed potatoes, which is to say they are good at smashing things, and yeah, they are. Their food is alright, I used to love it as a kid, now it's just okay. I'd say it's the easiest chicken to get, it's like, the staple of the chicken market. Churches is cheaper and Popeyes is better, but KFC is the general "Ok."

Not a bad choice for dinners for familys, but not really a 'drive by and pick up a meal for yourself' thing. Even with their lame 5 dollar meal things, eh.

This is a scene from Bristol, which I assume isn't too far from Naboo. Anyway, apparently a while ago there was a huge lightsaber battle. This is suppose to be a picture of it, but I suspect it may in fact be fake. I mean, look, NO ONE IS FIGHTING. It's like they're trying to summon one giant lightsaber by swarming together.

Another flaw, those kids in the background who didn't even turn theirs on. WAY TO BE PREPARED, HOPE YOU LOSE A HAND.

I suspect only half of these people were actually in on this "joke", while the rest just brought their lightsabers with them just in case anything like this should happen. Because Jedis are like boy scouts. Always prepared. You're not a Jedi though, I bet you can't even find the droids your looking for your car keys.

Star Wars Blog

Taco Bell is awesome. That's the easiest way to describe it. Of course, I'm a little biased, I like Mexican food. AMERICAN MEXICAN FOOD. None of that "real" Mexican stuff, that's dirty.

Anyway, they have great prices at a buck per burrito, which is awesome, and their food is awesome. I was disappointed as a kid, because they don't have fries, and I think every meal needs fries, but that's a minor flaw. If you're after quick Mexican food, this is the place to go, the undisputed king. There's a reason there's no competing Mexican place (Unless you count Hardee's laughable "Red Burrito" thing), and that's because there's no reason to fix what isn't broken.

Although, this is one of those "too much of a good thing" places. While it's great, I would recommend eating there too often, because unlike some other fast food that never seems to get old to eat, this place can.

Also, that dog was annoying. Stupid chiwawa.

Twitter, famous for being completely annoying decided recently that their site wasn't enough to fit all the people in the world that think people care about their lives, so they decided they'd make it possible to use twitter features while on Amazon, Bing, Digg and some other sites that I don't really care about.

"The new service will let Twitter users send and receive messages while they are on a partner site. It will also allow users to follow a string of related tweets without leaving the site. The idea behind the service is to allow partners to better integrate their own conversations and product positioning with Twitter"

Now if you're anything like me, then you're completely awesome, and you also think that this is a stupid idea. However, you're nothing like me and probably think this is a good idea. AT LAST! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWITCH TABS TO TELL EVERYONE YOU BOUGHT A KINDLE!

Full Story

Let's face it, fast food is awesome. I eat it, you eat it, everyone does. It's cheap, fast, and tasty. Now I know what you might be thinking. "Ha, this guy thinks he knows me, but I only eat healthy food." That's a lie, fatty.

Anyway, for day one, I decided I'd talk about Arby's. Arby's was founded at some point in time by some guy, probably named Arby, but I wouldn't bet on it. They have good roast beef sandwiches and probably the best curly fries. Not too pricey either, with you getting 5 sammiches for 6 bucks. Their normal fries are average, but overall I'd say it's a good place to pick food up at only if you want roast beef or curly fries.

Also, it's not the place for you if you dislike bad slogans. "I'm thinking Arby's" psh. Then again, if you dislike bad slogans, you don't eat Hot Pockets, and you're missing out.

First off, let me apologize for the lack of updates yesterday, I didn't have internet access and none of the other writers posted. YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO POST, NOT JUST USE THIS BLOG TO SHOW OFF TO THAT GIRL YOU MET IN THAT COFFEE SHOP THAT YOU'RE A BLOG WRITER. I hope she cheats on you.
Anyway, if you're trying to look for money on the beach, but don't want to look like a loser, too bad, because you're always going to look like a loser. However, you can now look like a loser who's just minding his own business with these metal detector sandles, they're so inconspicuous! If anyone asks you what the strap around your leg is, tell them you stole it from the six million dollar man, they'll be impressed.

Today as only a loser would you all know is Pi day. It's a special time of year. A time where elementary math teachers bring unsatisfying pre-packages pies to their students while thinking they're very witty with their "Pi R Squared? I THOUGHT THEY WERE ROUND" jokes. Good news for all of us is I have actually made a square pie. It was a pumpkin pie and I brought it to my teacher to prove to him that his joke wasn't correct, to which he replied I had too much time on my hands and should go build locks.

See that right there? I know what you're thinking "Is that where the sexy writer of this blog lives?", and no, no it's not. It is however a solar power tower they've built in spain.
"Each heliostat measures 120 square meters, which gives the entire heliostat field an area of 75,000 square meters. On a sunny day this can produce up to 11 megawatts of energy, enough to power a town of 6,000 homes, such as the neighboring community of Sanlucar la Mayor."
6000 homes? That's enough to power all of Spain, right? Or, close enough. It is also enough to provide houses to all but one of my houses. (IT'S OVER 6000!). I have a weird version of dyslexia that flips every 9 and 6 I look at.

One of the necessary elements into character creation for video games is, a comic relief character. Most well balanced games have characters where you can laugh at what they do, how they act, and in general everything about them. Without these comic relief characters you have mediocre comedy which can get boring and dry up easily. The one aspect I dislike about comic relief characters is that you need to give them depth as well, if all they are able to do is make people laugh… well you do not have the greatest or most valuable character in the game.

Take Pascal from “Tales of Graces”, when you first meet this character she is sleeping under a tree, and randomly runs up and hugs you. Because the game is in Japanese I do not have much of an insight of what they say, but a lot of random characters pop up, a few hearts, she gets hit a lot and yelled at, and BANG she’s in your party? Honestly, I laughed, I had no idea what she was doing, but the whole time throughout the game I was glad she was in my party.

For one comic relief characters give you funny emotes half the time, cute little animations, and funny sentences.

Final Fantasy IX has the character Quina, where the sex is labeled as “???”, who runs around and eats frogs, has a slur in “its” speak, and also gives very childish sentences “Zidane, I go play now”. But oddly enough its one of my favorite characters, just for the fact that its cute and funny (and if able to master, extremely useful in battle). The clothes of this character is very odd, as is Pascal’s, they tend to stand out more then the regular characters (except the protagonist of most games these days where half revealing clothes trying to make the player foam at the mouth at him, but seriously most players are men… give it up).

Lastly, comic relief characters have been in video games every since the 90’s. Think of Mario Party, or even Mario. When you destroy the villain, Mario (or Luigi) does his quote and then the villain will whine and run off admitting defeat for the “lulz”. Without this though, players would be discouraged to play, or even get bored. It’s a sense of entertainment within entertainment.

New technology brought to us by Bruce Robert Dell and Greg Douglas allows games to render unlimited high-poly point cloud system models in real time, through software.
That means no more quad core to play all the new games.
Not even a dual core.
You don't even need a high end processor at all.
Or a graphics card, onboard will do fine.
Heck, if Crysis used this technology, anyone would be able to play it on their grandma's laptops.
Here's how it works.
We currently use polygons for our 3d models in games.
This means we have to render lots and lots of sides for every model, like facets on a gem.
The more facets a gem has, the more rounded it is.
Everyone wants a tree to have a round trunk in a game, so the tree needs lots and lots of facets, which takes time and power to render.
Because of this, graphics card companies have been rolling out new models every 6 months, and raking dough in the other side.
If video games used a point data system instead of polygon system, it would allow for photorealistic models with no sides at all, incredible detail.
Instead of a wall with a texture of bricks on it, to create the illusion of a brick wall, points would allow the wall to actually be built from tiny brick models.
It would look incredible.
The problem?
Graphics cards aren't there yet.
Rendering every single point in a scene takes herculean power.
It takes hours to days to render a single picture using points, and because of this points are only used for artwork rather than animated movies or games.
With Unlimited Detail technology, computer software will only display as many points needed to fill your screen, based on its resolution.
For example, my screen is 1240x1024.
That's already math, so we know there are 1,269,760 pixels on my screen.
Now, rather than rendering the billions of points for all the models in a room of your video game, Unlimited Detail will calculate which points you actually need to fill all 1,269,760 pixels on your screen.
This means you'd only need to render a little over a million points per frame, instead of billions.
Thus, time and energy is saved, allowing smooth gameplay with unlimited detail.


This is the latest example I could find of genius door security people with too much time on their hands. This is a lock that you have to solve a maze for in order to get open. You also have to solve the maze again to lock it. It's useful for trapping friends in your house (because we all know they wouldn't want to stay with you for very long.) It's also useful or putting underneath deadbolts to show how much easier a deadbolt is to lock and unlock than this.


A friend linked me to this as a reason why some tattoos are actually cool, and he almost had a point. While this is indeed a geeky tattoo, as the watermark will tell you, it's not exactly accurate. DARTH VADER ONLY USED ONE LIGHTSABER YOU TWAT. In an case, a B- for effort and for actually going through with it. If it had been Darth Maul, maybe she would have gotten extra credit, but she didn't, so her awesomeness GPA will pay the price.


God of War 3 is supposedly going to complete the current story arc in the franchise, but isn't suppose to be the last game. I find this a little concerning to be honest. Once you get Kratos to kill just about every mythological creature/god/civilian/tree, what's there to do? Personally, I thought it was over with the first game, the ending sequence made it seems so, but I wasn't disappointed by the sequels (BECAUSE CUTTING STUFF UP IS AWESOME), but you have to wonder just how far they can ride on the success of this series. I already question the quality of GoW3, but still want to play it (which means I'll someday need a Ps3), but maybe I'll be wrong and it'll be good. Sequels get tiring after a while though, Button mashing and quick time events are all well and good, but eventually it's just repetitive. I'll hold off on thinking it's going to be bad, though, and wait to see what other people think, I just personally think they should end the game series at the end of the story arc instead of thinking of ways to make a new story. Opinions?

I find more and more video games are starting to offer you moral choices, which I like to an extent.

You see, moral choices sort of tag along a promise of a different experience as you play through it, but for the most part, it falls short of this. Sure, if you become the evil guy, you destroy all kinds of innocent villagers, maybe people don't like you as much, and start calling you dirty names as you walk by, but that's all minor things in a game. Take Fable II for example, if I'm someone who just went about murdering half the town in the middle of the day, the blacksmith still has no problem with hiring me to make a couple of swords for him the next day.
Alternatively, there's the holy path, in which people clap as I walk by and generally like me more, this is all well and good, but it's all it is. That's the general theme with morality in games.

Sometimes it's different though, such as in Bioshock, but you get the same result, more or less. Take the "evil" path and harvest the little sister? That nets you a little bit of ADAM, but for every 3 you save you get a gift, and for every 3 you harvest you get 40 more ADAM. Essentially, there's not a lot of difference in choices.

Games need a change if they want to boast moral choices. If you take the evil path, you need to be rejected the service of the hard working individuals in towns, and would have to resort to lesser-quality goods at more expensive prices from some shady guy in a back alley. If you're good, then some of the other back alley people that may make life easier (such as paying fines at the thief's guild in Elder Scrolls) needs to reject your service for fear of you working with authorities or something, and that's just interactions with townspeople, I'm sure there are other things that need to be changed. I want to play a game with moral choices that actually lead up to something.

Alternatively, there's the holy path, in which people clap as I walk by and generally like me more, this is all well and good, but it's all it


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So, Infinity ward decided that they didn't have enough money to buy thier 12th blimp, so they're releasing some good ole DLC for Modern Warfare 2. (Apparently, in modern times, people run around with knives cuttin' everyone up. SIGN ME UP FOR IRAQ, I WAS IN CROSS COUNTRY!)

"At the end of March, Infinity Ward will be unloading DLC containing the new maps to expand the game’s intense online multiplayer. Call of Duty fans without an Xbox Live Gold Account will have access to Modern Warfare 2’s online multiplayer from March 12 through 15. This window of online play allotted to Xbox Live Silver Members should be just enough to convince them they need a Gold Account and the new Stimulus Package."

Now, I'm not here to nitpick, but it better not be like the DLC for the Other CoD4 (They're both CoD4), because that one sucked, except for 2 of the maps. YOU KNOW THE ONES. But, of course, I'll be getting my hands on this ASAP and seeing what it's like.

Full Story (There's not a lot more than what's up there.)

I've never actually seen an episode of Battlestar Galatica, but I did hear it playing on the TV in the background, and if sound is any indicator of anything, then Battlestar Galatica has something to do with space. Space is always cool.

"Yes, players will be able to choose to fight as a human or Cylon, and I am assuming one will have a much more complex character creation process than the other. Players will alternate between tactical space combat and mission-based gameplay, delving deeper into the secrets of the Battlestar universe than ever before."

Hear that? You'll be able to play as a Cylon. I don't know what that is, but it beats being a human. I CAN BE HUMAN IN REAL LIFE. Anyway, any Battlestar fans who want to look into it, go right ahead, and tell me what it's like when you finally start playing.

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I've always wanted something like this. So much so, that I'm willing to say that it's my idea. I'm willing to, but I won't, because I can't, because I'm sure it's some highly advanced form of theft, and I'm a criminal far above highly advanced anything, I'm at mega advanced crimes. The glass mug is just there for vanity purposes and isn't being sold by the same maker as the dice. (Yet.)

These are a pair of companion cube fuzzy dice things, new from ThinkGeek. I'm glad they're finally getting them made, because you're just in time to buy one and show the world that you're really behind in gaming. (Because you are.)

Good ole companion cube has a cult-like following, so no wonder things like this are still being produced. Still, I want one, maybe I'll steal one using a pair of tongs and a rope. BECAUSE THAT'S MEGA ADVANCED.

Buy Product

This blog is basically about just the, you know, whatever stuff. Cool whatever stuff. Also, games. In short, it's a geek blog, so if you're not into geeky things, this probably isn't the place for you. Go make out with girls or something, you NORMIE.

But yes, onto news, ROBOTS! Apparently, they're building these beast-of-burden robotic dogs for soldiers. They're supposedly going to be used for carrying soldier's equipment so they don't have to.

" The Great Dane–size 'bot can trot more than three miles an hour, climb inclines of up to 45 degrees, and carry up to 120 pounds—even in rough terrain impenetrable to wheeled or tracked vehicles."

Somehow I don't think that trotting is what you're suppose to do in the war zone, but I wouldn't know, all my military experience is from Call of Duty, and they've shown me our heavily armed soldiers can only run for about 3 seconds before having to walk the rest of the time. Maybe they should invest in these dogs.

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