When playing a game most people play it for the graphics, the system, characters, etc. But most times the thing that can draw you in a game is, the plot.
The plot of a game tells a lot, how all the characters are involved with each other and their over-all goals towards the ultimate goal. Naturally the plot of a game needs to have multiple things, to keep the gamer attached.
a) Something the gamer is able to relate to, a goal perhaps.
b) Something to spark their interests, without that there would be no point for them playing.
c) many twists throughout the story to keep the tangled.
d) the unknown
e) Irony
f) Competition

Obviously there is much more things that keeps the plot being "juicy", but these are key elements that make the gamer want to continue playing.
Naturally the plot of a game starts off slow but builds to certain points where the gamer gets hooked. Take for example the new game for the PS3 "Resonance of Fate"it brings in a new battle system for gamers to enjoy, a "unique" story-line, and quests. The game uses guns as weapons which is actually pretty cool compared to the common sword, and the graphics are pretty well done (PS3 has good graphics for all games though). The story-line though unique has, side quests which seem to deviate from the main plot to much. Also the fact that most the quests are searching through dungeons, exploring, and lots of repetition. Repetition is something that a gamer who is looking for a fascinating plot is not in the mood for, repeating things more then twice. Because of that the developers do not put enough detail in the main story and create the same boring thing over and over again.

Right now the only plot which seems to amuse me is from Final Fantasy XIII, and that is because it is new compared to all of the original Final Fantasy which they all revolve around crystals. Because I am only around three hours in (rush time, usually about six hours) I am waiting to see the crystal appear, even though I believe that it already has because you level up your skills with the "Crystarium" and that the fal'CiE are made throughout crystal and the world they come out of.

Repetition is a good thing in minimal amounts, not for the whole game-play.

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