Twitter, famous for being completely annoying decided recently that their site wasn't enough to fit all the people in the world that think people care about their lives, so they decided they'd make it possible to use twitter features while on Amazon, Bing, Digg and some other sites that I don't really care about.

"The new service will let Twitter users send and receive messages while they are on a partner site. It will also allow users to follow a string of related tweets without leaving the site. The idea behind the service is to allow partners to better integrate their own conversations and product positioning with Twitter"

Now if you're anything like me, then you're completely awesome, and you also think that this is a stupid idea. However, you're nothing like me and probably think this is a good idea. AT LAST! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWITCH TABS TO TELL EVERYONE YOU BOUGHT A KINDLE!

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  1. Twitter is a decent enough idea, for phones.
    The whole web thing is just stupid.

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