It's a debate that's going to go on for at least another several whiles. Which is better, the ps3 or the 360. I have played on both, and to be completely honest, here's the winner: No one.

The Ps3 is a sleek, stylish systems with smooth controls and a better online community than the 360.

The 360 isn't as stylish as the ps3, but it's the "every-man's" console. It's able to play a very large variety of games and probably has at least 10 of your friends in the xbox live community.

They both run smoothly enough, and aside from the red ring, they're not going to break anytime soon. The only reason I could see you preferring one over the other is:

-online community/friends
-exclusive titles

If none of those are your reason, then your just a fanboy.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the Wii wasn't included in this is because we were only discussing consoles that were primarily played by people that graduated from elementary school.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Your PS3 bias is pretty obvious even though you tried to hide it.

  2. I play the 360 and prefer it, actually.

  3. "If none of those are your reason, then your just a fanboy."


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