Nintendo DS, known for releasing 3 different kinds of DS's at 3 different times decided they'd do something original and make another one. This one will apparently enable you to see 3d games without any special glasses.

I predict it will cost around 100 dollars, which seems a little much for a novelty product. "OH MY GOD, MY ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE IT'S COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN." Great for a bit, but then it gets tiresome.

" Each has tiny stripes that will hide certain pixels so that some are only visible to your left eye, while others will only be seen by your right eye. In that way, each eye gets its own image, producing the illusion of 3D without the need for glasses."

Sounds like witchcraft to me. If you get one, tell me how it is. (It sucks.)

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  1. I'll tell you how it works.
    You know those posters/collectible cards/soda cups that have all those strips on them?
    So you tile them right or left to get a different picture?
    Same concept.

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