I've never actually seen an episode of Battlestar Galatica, but I did hear it playing on the TV in the background, and if sound is any indicator of anything, then Battlestar Galatica has something to do with space. Space is always cool.

"Yes, players will be able to choose to fight as a human or Cylon, and I am assuming one will have a much more complex character creation process than the other. Players will alternate between tactical space combat and mission-based gameplay, delving deeper into the secrets of the Battlestar universe than ever before."

Hear that? You'll be able to play as a Cylon. I don't know what that is, but it beats being a human. I CAN BE HUMAN IN REAL LIFE. Anyway, any Battlestar fans who want to look into it, go right ahead, and tell me what it's like when you finally start playing.

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  1. BSG is a great show, but I can only assume the game will be horrible.
    Just won't work.

  2. Truthfully, this is the problem with most Show/movie to game things.

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