God of War 3 is supposedly going to complete the current story arc in the franchise, but isn't suppose to be the last game. I find this a little concerning to be honest. Once you get Kratos to kill just about every mythological creature/god/civilian/tree, what's there to do? Personally, I thought it was over with the first game, the ending sequence made it seems so, but I wasn't disappointed by the sequels (BECAUSE CUTTING STUFF UP IS AWESOME), but you have to wonder just how far they can ride on the success of this series. I already question the quality of GoW3, but still want to play it (which means I'll someday need a Ps3), but maybe I'll be wrong and it'll be good. Sequels get tiring after a while though, Button mashing and quick time events are all well and good, but eventually it's just repetitive. I'll hold off on thinking it's going to be bad, though, and wait to see what other people think, I just personally think they should end the game series at the end of the story arc instead of thinking of ways to make a new story. Opinions?

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