Since the advent of Photoshop, even the saddest sadsack on the planet (see 'Cosplayer') has a shot at looking pretty. Faces given the Hollywood Treatment. Skin can be smoothed and lifted. Tummies tucked in seconds. Eyes, enlarged. Boobs, inflated. (The bigger the better, amirite?)

Advertising campaigns have shooped a lot longer than cosplayers, but do it to sell rather than out of vanity. Check that chest:

Even dear old Madonna (and I do mean OLD) is in on it:

Ah, the shocking before and after photos. That's what everyone wants to see. Let's turn some ugly duckling into swans!:

Now, it's one thing to makeover cringe-worthy photos, but can there be too much of a good thing? I'm all for making a hot girl hotter, but shooping out humans quirks makes them a little boring and even less attractive. (Who wants to date a plastic blowup doll? Those are for when you can't get dates)

Several people actually prefer the unshooped right side:

A bit of a touchy subject; Using PS and changing race to fit a cosplay:

And then of course, there's the just plain amusing:

No matter your motivation, happy shooping!

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