"But you missed yesterday, you charismatic, sophisticated man, you." Yeah, I did, I'll post more today, don't worry your little head.

Anyway, KFC fits with the bad slogan group. "There's fast food, then there's KFC" As far as I am concerned, if you have a drive through, you're fast food. No, not applebees, that doesn't count. There's an exception to every rule, after all.

Anyway, KFC makes chicken, fried chicken. They also make grilled chicken, but I prefer to treat it the same way I treat drowning otters and just pretend it doesn't exist. "That's terrible!" No, don't worry, the chicken isn't offended.

Anyway, they have great mashed potatoes, which is to say they are good at smashing things, and yeah, they are. Their food is alright, I used to love it as a kid, now it's just okay. I'd say it's the easiest chicken to get, it's like, the staple of the chicken market. Churches is cheaper and Popeyes is better, but KFC is the general "Ok."

Not a bad choice for dinners for familys, but not really a 'drive by and pick up a meal for yourself' thing. Even with their lame 5 dollar meal things, eh.

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