Let's face it, fast food is awesome. I eat it, you eat it, everyone does. It's cheap, fast, and tasty. Now I know what you might be thinking. "Ha, this guy thinks he knows me, but I only eat healthy food." That's a lie, fatty.

Anyway, for day one, I decided I'd talk about Arby's. Arby's was founded at some point in time by some guy, probably named Arby, but I wouldn't bet on it. They have good roast beef sandwiches and probably the best curly fries. Not too pricey either, with you getting 5 sammiches for 6 bucks. Their normal fries are average, but overall I'd say it's a good place to pick food up at only if you want roast beef or curly fries.

Also, it's not the place for you if you dislike bad slogans. "I'm thinking Arby's" psh. Then again, if you dislike bad slogans, you don't eat Hot Pockets, and you're missing out.

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