Sorry for the lack of updates, majorly swamped with stuff the last couple of days. Like climbing mount everest with a lion tied to my back, or something manly like that.

Anyway, I used the picture of some nerd you for this shot because it's generic fast food, so here it goes:

Day 4: Long John Silvers. Essentially exactly like KFC, but with seafood. Their chicken is pretty good too. Also, if you're not a health freak (You're not, you're just the normal kind) then ask for an order of crumbs next time you go by. They're free and tasty.

Day 5: Mcdonalds/Burger King: "OMG THEY'RE DIFFERENT". Shut up. Essentially, they all have the same things, Burger King has better burgers, McDonalds has better fries and are cheaper. (They also have dollar chicken sammiches, awesome.)

Day 6: Subway: It's delicious, but at 5 (5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong) bucks for each sandwich, it's a little too rich for my taste, I'd prefer to stick to my cheap eating unless I am taking a girl out on a date. Girls are impressed with 5 dollar meals, you best believe it.

Day 7: Jack in the Box: One word, tacos. They have disgustingly bad for you tacos at a deliciously good price. (The tacos also taste pretty good). Everything else is pretty bleh, but the tacos are their staple product. Best to buy at around 1 am.

That about wraps it up, I guess.

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