Lets actually count the Pokemon Games shall we?
Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Snap, Pinball, Colosseum, XD, Mystery Dungeon, etc. Honestly; the list doesn't stop.

The game is a basic RPG, but the fact that the developers of Pokemon continue to make the game the same over and over again but for different platforms is silly. Sure you can do different things, but they are exactly the same.
Heart Gold/Soul Silver for example, is the same as Gold & Silver. But now you have new things to do at the good price of $50. Silly kids can't even emulate the game because it freezes constantly, go you Nintendo for doing something to stop pirating arrr!
Other then the fact some of these games I haven't even heard of (XD), means we won't be having a wonderful remake of the same thing, oh darn. The only good thing about Pokemon is the Colosseum games where you can bring in your Pokemon from the individual games where you are able to battle other people, play mini-games, and actually play the game. Fun stuff!

Oh and really and only 493 Pokemon to date. To bad now they are all triple forms of some random Pokemon just because you can't think of anything else. Even though all the new Pokemon are stupid. The first 151 Pokemon started the whole thing and they were epic, and the second generation was pretty sick as well. Third was "decent" and now its dropping. Hopefully for the 5th generation of Pokemon they will have better, newer, and more unique Pokemon.

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  1. I must agree entirely, the first 151 were enough.

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