So, Infinity ward decided that they didn't have enough money to buy thier 12th blimp, so they're releasing some good ole DLC for Modern Warfare 2. (Apparently, in modern times, people run around with knives cuttin' everyone up. SIGN ME UP FOR IRAQ, I WAS IN CROSS COUNTRY!)

"At the end of March, Infinity Ward will be unloading DLC containing the new maps to expand the game’s intense online multiplayer. Call of Duty fans without an Xbox Live Gold Account will have access to Modern Warfare 2’s online multiplayer from March 12 through 15. This window of online play allotted to Xbox Live Silver Members should be just enough to convince them they need a Gold Account and the new Stimulus Package."

Now, I'm not here to nitpick, but it better not be like the DLC for the Other CoD4 (They're both CoD4), because that one sucked, except for 2 of the maps. YOU KNOW THE ONES. But, of course, I'll be getting my hands on this ASAP and seeing what it's like.

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