Hi guys, on the 21st of May 2010 Rockstar finally released one of my most anticipated games of 2010
Red Dead Redemption, in my opinion this game is an instant Classic, theres so much to explore, so many people to meet and if you're a person who likes to stay on the wrong side of the law so many people to kill, many places to see, so many places to travel and so many things to do in general, currently my complete percentage of the game is 85.5%.
The plot starts with the main character John Marsten, a partially reformed outlaw who is usually on the wrong side of the law, attempting to track down  his old gang members, to end their lives so him and his family can live in piece.
The first cut scene takes place on a ferry that John is on, two Federal Agents are escorting him onto a Train, which takes you to your guide, who escorts you to Fort Mercer a gang hideout, you are here because you are tracking Bill Williamson, an outlaw and former member of your gang who the government are obviously looking for, Bill definitely isn't the slightest bit happy that you've shown up again he shoots you with his rifle, you pass out and almost die luckily a kind woman by the name of Betty McFarlane who finds you and gets you to a doctor and the bullet in removed and you come out almost un scaven , of course your going to have to repay her somehow. This is were the orientation missions enter the picture, you get your first Repeater/Rifle and you basically learn the functions of the game, although the first parts of the campaign are rather boring it's just basic orientation to get you familiar with the controls.
After most of  Missions are completed the game really starts to pick up, you save horses in a burning barn, save Betty's life.
Eventually you start networking and meeting new people  like the crazy grave robber who really needs a bar of soap and some water, an old guy who swindles people with his elixir (which does nothing), Irish (who's actually Irish) and a drunk, Armadillo's Sheriff and his partners, eventually after fair amount of side missions leading up to the fight at Fort Mercer and you and your companions storm the gates of Fort Mercer, leaving only one lucky soul behind you discover that Bill has fled to Mexico. Irish wants to come with you, of course you never see him a again the whole time your in Mexico.

Hi guys, although most details are still a bit sketchy about the next installment in the Call of Duty series, Treyarch released a new trailer depicting what looks like some high action cut scenes and a small amount of gameplay, the game should be up for pre-order in maybe a day or two.
you can view the trailer at
or right here (below)

Although Infinity Ward is in complete turmoil they will be releasing a new map pack, the maps will be at the same asking price as the last DLC they will include 5 maps two of which are returning from the previous Infinity Ward installment, and three which are new by now it's obvious that Infinity Ward isn't too keen on fixing any glitches that still burden the game regardless the three new maps are called Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel the maps from Call of Duty 4 that are returning are Vacant and Strike.
Although a PS3/PC release date hasn't been announced it's expected that it will be out in July for PC/PS3 owners Xbox 360 owners however will be getting the Map Pack on the 3rd of June.

Trailer Park will exist within the single player campaign, it's the residence of the owners of the Boneyard area, Robert Bowling described the map as 'Close Quarters Combat".

Carnival is basically what it sounds like it takes place in a abandoned amusement park, with roller coasters, a fun house and a World of Tomorrow, Bowling also described that Snipers will have fun picking people off from the roller coaster.

And finally we come to Fuel, which Bowling describes as "Sniper Heaven" it features numerous oil pumps and outposts, with warehouses that will house most of the combat.

You can view the screenshots at the url's posted below

Trailer Park
No Idea What This One is

You can expect the review on the 5th (the 4th in some countries)

So I am still waiting on the domain, making a few business man like calls and stuff, but I felt this was important enough for an update. Portal, the video game that is a video game is available for free until May 24th. Download it right from the makers themselves here.

There comes a time where you've got to move onto bigger and better things. This isn't one of those times, but I will be using a new domain soon at Irule.at/gaming. I'll update when it's finished.

Let's face it, it gets pretty chilly when you're flying around in that giant airship, you're going to need a megaman helmet, but not a real one, as that would too much awesome than I think you're used to, you're going to want a knit one, so show this to your mom, get her to knit you one, that's what I plan to do as well, she can make two.

Ryzom, a game I've never heard about, recently released its source code for the world to download and edit, which means that you can play with it and easily make your own MMO if you know what you're doing (Which means you can't create anything.)

It's pretty interesting news, and definitely something I'm going to check out.

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Pretty nice video, considering it's fan-made. I look forward to seeing what more comes from these guys in the future, but so far I'd say it's better than dragonball evolution (Like that's hard to do.)

I've been playing all day, i'll probably do my review when the Beta ends, until then please enjoy these video's of my beta highlights so far.

and this

Also for those of you who haven't downloaded the excellent piece of gaming awesomeness here are some quick "side notes' (on stuff that could be improved

-Pistol needs 1-2 bullets in a single clip.
-DMR should be a 3 headshot kill (because the hit-boxes are really small)
-Jetpacks should have a tiny bit more "usage allowance"
-The credits system should reward players a bit more, for instance I got 17 kills and 10 deaths and won the team slayer match and I was only rewarded 158 credits.

There's a site that's allowing you bargain hunters cheap people to buy 5 indie games for the price of whatever you want. The games include World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru and Penumbra. It's not a bad bunch of games, but I don't think allowing people to choose a price is too smart of an idea, while some people will be generous and give 10 bucks or so, you'll get a lot of people who will toss a bit of copper for these games. The proceeds go to charity though, so that's good, I guess, if you need something to feel like you're morally right.

Purchasing Page

Apparently, Russia's regional president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov drank far too much one night was abducted by aliens. (At least that's what he told his wife when he wasn't home that night.) Now, Russia has to investigate his claims to make sure he didn't reveal any secrets to the aliens, just in case, you know, they try to sell it to the united states for all the money that they use or something.

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Well, it looks like the upcoming Mickey Mouse game entitled "Epic Mickey" (because we haven't heard the word epic thrown around quite enough yet, have we?) is going to also have a book format. According to Amazon, this is the description of the books:

When Mickey Mouse accidentally spills paint and paint thinner on a rendering of a model word called the Cartoon Wasteland, mayhem ensues! Unbeknownst to Mickey, the spill creates an evil monster called the Phantom Blot who will stop at nothing to take control of the Wasteland, and everything in it, including Mickey’s older half brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! Unable to stop the Phantom Blot, Oswald goes into hiding and the Cartoon Wasteland is transformed into a hideous and twisted world.

Many years passed and Mickey went on with his life, until one day he gets sucked through a mirror -- and winds up in the Cartoon Wasteland! Armed with just a magical paintbrush that he took with him, Mickey must stop a Mad Doctor who works closely with the Phantom Blot, earn back his half-brother’s trust, and save the Cartoon Wasteland.

Doesn't sound like too bad of a book, I guess, but I'd much rather play the game. 

Alright, just about everyone knows about MW2, and how popular it is. It may be a bit late, but  I decided to post about my opinions on what they've done, so let's being.

Assault Rifles: Way too much range if you ask me, I understand it isn't an SMG and has some distance, but it's rare you find a spot a sniper can reach that an assault rifle can't.

Akimbo: This is ridiculous if you ask me, who would honestly run around with two guns, P90s are especially stupid akimbo weapons.


Ahh, the beta everyone has been waiting for: Halo Reach! I got my hands on it because I bought ODST, and now you're getting your hands on a review!

First of, the maps. There are 2 maps in the beta, and another 2 are coming soon, Overlook and Boneyard., together with gamemodes not yet in the beta, invasion and generator defense. These maps are Sword base, with 2 buildings on each side, connected by bridges in between, both buildings are several stories high and feature some elevators. Second is Powerhouse, it's based on a hill where one team spawns on top and inside, the other team at the bottom in the outside. It features many interior as wel as exterior areas, with great opportunities to use the jetpack, a feature I'll cover later in this review. Both maps are stunningly pleasing to the eye, have great graphics, and the weapon placement is great, so both teams have equal chances on obtaining some of the power weapons.

Speaking of weapons, let's cover that bit of the beta.

Apparently, google decided that they'd go ahead and make a book store, because they thought google wasn't quite popular enough. I, however, don't imagine it being very successful, I think Amazon has quite a hold on the book market. Then again, if it fails, they can treat it like google video, and just buy Amazon.

Call of Duty, famous for being famous, recently announced some more info about their new upcoming game Black Ops. It's set in the Vietnamish times, so odds are, it'll be eh. I have never really been one to enjoy games that are based in the past. Games in the future are also eh. I like present day things, which is why I play Modern Warfare. My wife is probably going to insist that we buy this game though, so I'll tell you more about it when I try it or something.

Quick details : It has stuff from vietnam and the cold war, probably. Read up:

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