Alright, just about everyone knows about MW2, and how popular it is. It may be a bit late, but  I decided to post about my opinions on what they've done, so let's being.

Assault Rifles: Way too much range if you ask me, I understand it isn't an SMG and has some distance, but it's rare you find a spot a sniper can reach that an assault rifle can't.

Akimbo: This is ridiculous if you ask me, who would honestly run around with two guns, P90s are especially stupid akimbo weapons.

While I like the idea of more than just pistols, shotguns were just fine being primary in CoD4 and there's no reason to change it. Machine shotguns are ridiculous as well and machine pistols are just another assault rifle. I think things would be better with the options of just launchers/pistols.


Marathon: Ridiculous again and a huge flaw. Limitless sprint takes away from the "Watch your corners, be careful, wait for a prime time to cross the street" mentality that made CoD4 excellent in favour of rushing.

One Man Army: Made it too easy to camp with the ability to have an infinite amount of ammo.

Lightweight: Alone, I see it being more or less a useless perk, but combined with marathon, which it is obviously meant to be, it makes people far too quick and promotes more rushing.

Commando: 100% ridiculous. The lunge range is way too much, and it's more or less as if Infinity Ward decided that this game needed energy swords. Combined with Lightweight and Marathon you have the typical knifing class, which I find laughable in a game entitled "MODERN warfare".

Scrambler: While the pro ability isn't bad, it's ruined anyway by the fact that people know you're nearby when their UAV is messed up.

Death streaks: Death streaks in general are a bad idea, I see how it could help another team that's doing poorly, but if you're doing poorly, you need to change tactics, not have the game hold your hand to help you out.

Copycat: If you're playing, you're probably just fine with your class the way it is, which is why this is rarely used.

Painkiller: Creating a juggernaut amongst juggernauts for 10 seconds may not seem like much, but the amount of health you get essentially gives you the overshield Halo has and I find it ridiculous.

Martyrdom: I feel if you're going to have deathstreaks, make it only this. It's not as problematic as it was in the first game and it is no longer a perk, it's just fine.

Final Stand: Also ridiculous, if you get killed, it essentially goes prone for you to avoid you getting killed again, but lets you use your gun just as you normally did, usually giving you an easy kill, and it lets you stand back up. Truly annoying and I find fairly stupid.

Blast Mask: More than likely a "resolution" to noob tubers, something I wouldn't have a problem with if it worked. Even with Blast Mask, noob tubes are completely effective against you.

Killstreaks: I was just fine with the original 3, thank you very much. having about 13 different killstreaks just seems like too much, and a lot of the time, the game is decided by whoever can rack up the highest killstreak.

What made CoD4 great was the amount of focus you had to have. You were scared to walk around corners, you looked all over making sure snipers weren't watching you, you were careful. They took all that out, gave people the ability to cover huge tracts of land with ease, gave energy swords, essentially ruined sniping on account of always having someone near you, and if they're not near you, they will be soon. Air support is far too powerful in Modern Warfare 2. Back on CoD4, getting 7 kills in a row was amazing, you got a helicopter which was what most people worked to get each map. Now, 7 kills is nothing, it's too easy to get with the overpowered guns they've given you. Also, they've given noob tubers the ability to have an infinite supply of them, and if that wasn't enough, they could trade the infinite supply for 2 extra shots from the grenade launcher  secondary. It's made the game ridiculous. I still play, on account of me not knowing where my CoD4 disc is, but I hope they do things differently in Black Ops.

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