When DICE announced the sequel to the original Battlefield Bad Company.
I was excited, the original was riddled with problems, this game fixes most of them however, no game is completely perfect.
The games plot isn't the best, you are fighting trying to prevent "World War 3"

The intro level (in my opinion) is probably, the best, there is no "Firing Practice" like the Call of Duty franchise has, however if your paying attention to the screen you will learn how to knife how to run, how to shoot, how to throw grenades, etc. (if that is even required), when you get further into the campaign the game expands, there's wide open vistas nearly every level you play, the vehicle levels don't suck, the campaign's character personalities are realistic, once you stop comparing the game to Infinity Ward's previous title (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2), you realize the games potential is so high, however the game doesn't compare to Call of Duty, and the high action scene's that the game has in it's Campaign mode or the beautiful open vistas that the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series has. However the Campaign is pretty "lengthy", longer than the previous Call of Duty title was. The characters (like I stated before) are more realistic than the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, franchise characters are, I feel like I know who Sweetwater is, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 I just don't get that feeling, the level's and the collectible guns also add a decent amount of replayability to the Campaign mode.

In the multiplayer, there is much fun to be had, I'm still levelling up my Assault class, and it's been about 1-2 weeks, the multiplayer will keep you coming back especially the Rush and Conquest modes, there's a big enough array of vehicle’s to keep you interested and the “Destruction 2.0” feature is a sweet added bonus, the classes are now streamlined, the support classes (Engineer and Medic) are definitely worth checking out, as well as the Assault and Recon classes, camping (something that plagues the current call of duty) is almost non existent, unless you could call the Recon class “A class designed for campers” but regardless, when one Sniper gets killed the one that killed him will take his place, and so on and so forth, the other support classes (Medic and Engineer) are very useful as well as the Assault class, each class has a roll if you don’t play it, you will get continually killed, an Assault should supply their comrade’s, with a good supply of ammo, while an Engineer should fix damaged vehicles, a Medic should revive fallen comrades and supply health packs to keep the team alive, and the Recon class should support their team from a distance. I like the Recon class because of the early C4 put in the kit, I usually use the C4 as a fail safe on buildings, the Assault is good as well a “Attack” class hence the name Assault, Medic is basically a healer, his job is to keep you alive or revive you when you have been killed by the opposing team.

The Conquest mode has to been one of my favourite game modes, its basically like Rush; minus the charges add flags and vehicles, it’s basically all out warfare, base to base, getting kills in the dark in hard if your not attentive, knifing someone is the sweetest feeling, getting medals is great as well, if you want to level up as fast as possible I would recommend the Medic class, if you are doing your job right you should level up extremely fast.

I would recommend this game to those who want a lot of content and playtime in the game, if you play online, the multiplayer (If you own an Xbox 360 console) is worth upgrading to a gold membership.
My next article will be on the Modern Warfare 2 DLC v The Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC.
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