Recently Bungie, (the developers who make the Halo series) revealed what is in the Collectors and Legendary
Editions of Halo Reach, luckily I Pre-Ordered the Legendary Edition at my local EB Games/Gamestop, when the GameInformer article on Halo: Reach  released months ago, fortunately I'm 3rd in-line according to my local EB Games store, of course if any case worse comes to worse I can get one from work, regardless here's some pictures and info on the editions

first up is the Halo Reach Collectors edition it includes:

*The game disc and manual
*The game's disc(s) will be housed in an ONI "black box
*It will include an Elite armor set
*An artifact bag, containing Dr. Hasley's personal journal, documents and secrets from the Halo universe
 *Retails for $79.99 USD

I actually got a picture if the Legendary Edition box intact, so I will post that as well.

The Legendary Edition contains

*Game disc and manual
*Game disc housed in recovered ONI “black box”
*UNSC-themed custom packaging
*Exclusive Elite armor set for multiplayer modes
*Exclusive multiplayer Spartan armor effect (Flaming Helmet)
*Artifact bag with Dr. Halsey’s personal journal, classified documents, and effects that detail secrets from the *Halo universe
*Noble Team statue by McFalane Toys
*Retails for $149.99 USD

Also I apologize for the bad quality of the sealed image of the Legendary Edition.

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