Other than my fail post which no longer exists (I shouldn't blog when I am tired, my "facts" get blurred) AS IF I WRITE ANYTHING FACTUAL AHAHA. Anyway, that used to be a GoW3 opinion article, which came after my GoW3 opinion article. Different games though, don't get them mixed up, one's for the xbox, other is for ps3.

Anyway, this one isn't GoW at all, which is a bit of a let down to start with, but furthermore, I never liked the "skate" games. I don't like skate games in general, but I especially hate this one for it's /horrible/ controls and stupid title. (There needs to be an FPS named 'Shoot', mark that down) Anyway, they're apparently making a new game, which is going to be crap, but still going to be played by "Skater" kids, the demo is on xbox live right now. By the way, if you elect me president, I'll outlaw skateboarding so "Skateboarding isn't a crime" stickers will look like a form of protest rather than a kid trying to look like a rebel.

Feel free to laugh at how the picture got cropped.

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