After the main story reaches it's conclusion you get to ride home, where your family is waiting you wife slaps and tell's you she though you were dead and you friend lets the farm fall apart, and you see you son again and he always thinks that your leaving again, during that time you and your son spend time quality together, hunting, herding cattle, you and "Uncle" also do some jobs that include wrangling horses and other things, you also do some jobs for your wife as well, there is also a rare occasion where you take your son hunting and he runs away (the mission after) to hunt a Grizzly that has been rumored to be in the forest, you however show up just on time to save your son who has a shoulder injury, after a series of missions leading up to "The Final Enemy that Must be Destroyed" which is basically the conclusion to the awesome story that is Red Dead Redemption, however since there are so many spoilers in this review I think I will leave this to the game. 

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